Spring 2015 Classes

In-Person Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number Units
Multi-media for Common Core teaching Caringella Sat. 4/11 – 9 am to 2:50 pm LINC050A01 0.5 Cancelled
Explores pedagogy and online multimedia tools for educators who want to use multimedia production for student-centered learning. Features hands-on experience with web-based multimedia authoring tools to design and produce a student-centered project.
Google Documents Brumbaugh Sat. 4/18 – 9 am to 2:50 pm LINC068B01 0.5 Cancelled
Google Docs is taking over your world. Google docs offers online apps similar to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Draw, but they are collaborative, cloud-based, and free. Thousands of people have revolutionized their work by using G-docs in powerful and innovative ways.
EdTech Tools for Flipped Instruction Caringella Sat. 4/25 – 9 am to 3:00 pm LINC098B01 0.5 Cancelled
Participants will understand what it means to “flip the classroom,” and explore the pedagogical reasons for flipped instruction. They will learn and practice with several web-based tools for flipping instruction, and methods for integrating these tools into the classroom.
Video Screencasting I Cavada Sat. 5/2 – 9 am to 3:00 pm LINC086A01 0.5 Cancelled
This is a hands-on introductory course on video screencast production using free and industry standard editing software. Participants will create a basic screencast of a presentation.
Google Sites Brumbaugh Sats. 5/9 & 5/16- 9 am to 3:00 pm LINC076B01 1 Sign Up
Participants will explore Google Sites as a tool to make a website interactive and learning focused. Topics include presentation, audio, video, and embedding social media tools into a site. Elements of good website design and ideas for creating engaging websites will be addressed.
Google Applications Heumann Sats. 5/16 & 6/13 – 9 am to 3 pm LINC066.01 1 Sign Up
Experience the power of the many resources that Google has to offer teachers during this exciting 6 hour class. Your job can be made easier and your students’ learning more powerful when you learn to use the myriad free tools that Google offers. Become an efficient web searcher, create collaborative documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, and online forms, make customized maps, mine the internet for presentations, images and online books! This class is very likely to change the way you teach!
Introduction to Chromebook Brumbaugh Sat. 6/6 – 9 am to 3 pm LINC096C01 0.5 Sign Up
Chromebooks have seen a tremendous growth over the past three years, due to their low cost and versatility. This course will provide tools and strategies to utilize Chromebooks in a variety of different computing tasks. Emphasis will be given to using a Chromebook as a tool for content creation and curation, collaboration with peers, and publishing of original works using a variety of media. This course will also provide strategies for personal organization and sharing of digital work, using cloud based storage and software applications that can be used in a variety of personal, professional and educational contexts.
Introduction to Flipped Instruction Cavada Sat. 6/6 – 9 am to 3 pm LINC098A01 0.5 Sign Up
An Introduction to Flipped Learning in the classroom. We will take a look at the pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. We will learn how to utilizing technology to implement a blended learning method that frees up class time for collaborative activities by shifting lectures out of the classroom and on to the internet. You will develop the instructional skills and technical skills necessary to create and deliver lessons via web-based videos to students at home.

Online Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number Units
Creating Web Quests Britt Online 4/6 – 5/11 LINC76C01W 2 Cancelled
This course focuses on the strategies and techniques used to design and develop rich, interactive web searches, called WebQuests, for instructional purposes. WebQuests are web-based, curriculum-based challenges that include student resources and activities and requires students to transform information into a new form. Participants will analyze and evaluate WebQuests for depth of content, level of engagement, curriculum standards, and meaningful learning outcomes through the lens of 21st Century teaching and learning skills. The culminating course project is the design and development of a WebQuest.
Photoshop Overview Davis Online 4/6 – 5/11 LINC073.01W 1 Cancelled
This course is designed for all who want to tell compelling stories with images. It is a basic overview that will teach you how to enhance photos and collage images to create beautiful artwork and interesting layouts. Learn to enhance color and contrast, fix damaged photos, select and move objects, work with layers, add text, add artistic effects with filters, and more!
Designing Learner-centered Instruction Ullah Online 4/27 – 5/29 LINC057.01W 1 Sign Up
Educators will examine the learner-centered approach to teaching in order to create transformative experiences for students. Educators develop the skills and conceptual knowledge for instructional design and creating student-centered learning activities that meet Common Core and content standards. Topics addressed include how learning happens, the role of educational technologies in student engagement, and effective modifications to existing instructional material. Following the learner-centered classroom guidelines, educators will create a multidisciplinary unit of instruction that is aligned to teaching standards and include both formative and summative assessments.
Integrating 21st Century Skills into Instruction Ullah Online 4/27 – 6/19 LINC059.01W 2 Sign Up
Participants will examine the skills that business and industry determine important for new employees to know in order to succeed in a 21st Century global economy. Participants determine the importance of integrating 21st Century skills into their courses, analyze their curriculum content and instructional strategies to determine which 21st Century skills they currently teach and which additional skills can be integrated. The final course project is a lesson, unit, or project that requires the participants’ students or trainees to use 21st Century skills.
Searching & Researching the Internet Simkins Online 4/27 – 6/19 LINC066C01W 2 Sign Up
This is an intermediate course for those who use the Internet for personal research in their work. Emphasizes using advanced search techniques that incorporate logical reasoning, critical thinking, essential questions, and inquiry-based learning to refine searches, maximize the advantages of different search engines, evaluate web sites for credibility, understand the legitimacy of search results, and use search findings ethically.
Introduction to iPad Britt Online 5/25 – 6/19 LINC098.02W 1 Sign Up
This overview course is designed for educators, trainers, and instructional designers who want to develop and integrate iPad technology into the classroom or training environment. Participants in the class will explore and practice using iPad technologies and apps; analyze and develop instructional materials and/or student lessons. The driving question for this class is: how can we use iPads in the classroom or training environment to create for students the most powerful learning experiences aligned with standards?
Adobe Illustrator Overview Davis Online 5/25 – 6/19 LINC073H01W 1 Sign Up
Learn simple illustration techniques for print and web projects. Adobe Illustrator makes professional quality illustration and design so easy! In this class you will learn how to create simple and complex designs with shapes, special effects, custom pattern, brush styles, textures, and more! You will make full use of typography and brush styles to create your own original artwork, graphic designs and layouts.