Fall 2017 Classes

In-Person Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units Register
Introduction to the Internet Cavada Sat. 12/2 – 12/9
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC066.01 22182 1 Sign Up
Overview course that explores the educational, personal, and social benefits of the Internet. Participants will explore current Internet trends, tools, and technologies for information, communication, and collaboration. Participants will learn how to use the Internet more effectively and with a better understanding of the issues and dilemmas that surround life on the Web.
Introduction to the Internet I Heumann Sat. 10/7
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC066A.01 22183 0.5 Cancelled
Continues topics of LINC 66 and focuses on Internet tools to aid in gathering, accessing, and storing information, and communicating, and collaborating world wide for educational, business-related or personal use.
Google Docs Caringella Sat. 10/1
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC068B.01 22184 0.5 Sign Up
Google Docs is taking over your world. Google docs offers online apps similar to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Draw, but they are collaborative, cloud-based, and free. Thousands of people have revolutionized their work by using Google docs in powerful and innovative ways.
Adobe Photoshop Overview Davis Sat. 10/21 & 10/28
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC073.01 22144 1 Sign Up
This course is designed for all who want to tell compelling stories with images. It is a basic overview that will teach you how to enhance photos and collage images to create beautiful artwork and interesting layouts. Learn to enhance color and contrast, fix damaged photos, select and move objects, work with layers, add text, add artistic effects with filters, and more!

Hybrid Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units Register
Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology Tognetti Sat 10/14 – 12/15
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC075A.01Y 22188 3 Cancelled
This introductory course about instructional design & technology focuses on foundational knowledge and skills to guide students into creating technology-based educational or training resources. Topics include using instructional design models and strategies, writing learning objectives, planning a program, basic assessment techniques, and technology integration.

Online Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units Register
Technology in the K-12 Classroom I Ullah 10/20 – 12/15 LINC050.01W 22189 1 Cancelled
Explores pedagogy and online multimedia tools for educators who want to use multimedia production for student-centered learning. Features hands-on experience with web-based multimedia authoring tools to design and produce a student-centered project.
Designing Learner-Centered Instruction Ullah 11/6 – 12/15 LINC057.01W 22191 1 Sign Up
Educators will examine the learner-centered approach to teaching in order to create transformative experiences for students. Educators develop the skills and conceptual knowledge for instructional design and creating student-centered learning activities that meet Common Core and content standards. Topics addressed include how learning happens, the role of educational technologies in student engagement, and effective modifications to existing instructional material. Following the learner-centered classroom guidelines, educators will create a multidisciplinary unit of instruction that is aligned to teaching standards and include both formative and summative assessments.