Summer 2017 Classes

In-Person Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units
Adobe InDesign Davis 7/29 and 8/5
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC72B.01 10989 1 Sign Up
For anyone interested in print or Web-based publishing. Adobe InDesign creates page layouts for multi-page brochures, tri-folds, flyers, newsletters, books, Web sites, and Web-based publications with a professional quality. In this hands-on, overview course, students work with images; use guides and grids; set up master sheets and styles.

Online Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units
Search/Research: Internet for Education Simkins Starts 7/3 LINC066C.01W 10987 2 Sign Up
Overview course that explores the educational, personal, and social benefits of the Internet. Participants will explore current Internet trends, tools, and technologies for information, communication, and collaboration. Participants will learn how to use the Internet more effectively and with a better understanding of the issues and dilemmas that surround life on the Web.
Global Project-based Learning Ullah Starts 7/10 LINC058.01W 10986 2 Cancelled
This course is for educators (K-14) who want to develop understanding and competencies in using the 21st century skills strategy of global project-based learning to create powerful, culturally diverse learning environments. Teachers and students connect globally via Internet telecommunications software to work collaboratively on curriculum-based, real-world projects. Participants will create a project that engages students in learning curricular content.
Design Web-based Learning Projects Tognetti Starts 7/11 LINC67.01W 10988 1 Cancelled
This course is for educators or anyone who wants to discover online project design that promotes inquiry-based student learning and smart use of the web for search and Web tools. The course provides guidance in developing web-based projects with focus and purpose, and aligned with the Common Core standards requiring students to synthesize information by completing a challenge task. Use of webquests in the iPad classroom will also be explored. This course specifically addresses the following ISTE NETS*T: 1 (a, b); 2 (a, b, c, d); 3 (a); 4 (a, b); 5 (a, b, c, d).
Integrating 21st Century Skills into Instruction Cavada Starts 7/20 LINC59.01W 11094 2 Sign Up
This course is for educators at all levels (K-12, college) and trainers of any discipline to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to create instructional experiences integrated with 21st Century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Participants will examine the skills that business and industry determine important for new employees to know in order to succeed in a 21st Century global economy. Participants determine the importance of integrating 21st Century skills into their courses, analyze their curriculum content and instructional strategies to determine which 21st Century skills they currently teach and which additional skills can be integrated. The final course project is a lesson, unit, or project that requires the participants’ students or trainees to use 21st Century skills.
Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age Tognetti Starts 7/24 LINC98.01W 11093 1 Sign Up
This course explores the role of technology in student-centered learning environments. You will create a design plan for a technology-enhanced learning lesson, project or activity and use collaborative online technoloqies to support group work and feedback and develop evaluation methods for the course project.