Summer 2015 Classes

In-Person Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number Units
Adobe Photoshop Overiew Davis MTWTh 7/27 – 7/30 – 6 pm to 8:50 pm LINC073.01 1 Sign Up
This course is designed for all who want to tell compelling stories with images. It is a basic overview that will teach you how to enhance photos and collage images to create beautiful artwork and interesting layouts. Learn to enhance color and contrast, fix damaged photos, select and move objects, work with layers, add text, add artistic effects with filters, and more!

Online Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number Units
Introduction to the Internet Simkins 7/13 – 8/9 LINC066.01W 1 Sign Up
Overview course that explores the educational, personal, and social benefits of the Internet. Participants will explore current Internet trends, tools, and technologies for information, communication, and collaboration. Participants will learn how to use the Internet more effectively and with a better understanding of the issues and dilemmas that surround life on the Web.
Designing Web-Based Learning Projects Ullah 7/13 – 8/9 LINC067.01W 1 Sign Up
This course is for educators or anyone who wants to discover online project design that promotes inquiry-based student learning and smart use of the web for search and Web tools. The course provides guidance in developing web-based projects with focus and purpose, and aligned with the Common Core standards requiring students to synthesize information by completing a challenge task. Use of webquests in the iPad classroom will also be explored. This course specifically addresses the following ISTE NETS*T: 1 (a, b); 2 (a, b, c, d); 3 (a); 4 (a, b); 5 (a, b, c, d).
Open Education Resources Ullah 7/13 – 8/9 LINC90B.01W 1 Sign Up
Overview of Open Educational Resources (OER) and the use of free public domain materials for teaching and learning. It aims to build participant’s knowledge and skills to find, adapt, re-purpose and create accessible OER for use in education and training environments. Course topics include OER terminology, OER quality, copyright and fair use issues, sources and repositories of public domain materials in various disciplines, technical issues regarding accessibility, and uses of Creative Commons. Participants will explore and analyze: OER tools and standards available to develop, organize and disseminate content; public domain learning materials; searching techniques for identifying public domain learning materials; professional collaboration strategies; and criteria for assessing the suitability of public domain learning materials for use various disciplines. Participants will either create a lesson, activity, or training module that incorporates OER or create an OER for an identified purpose.
Illustrator Overview Davis 7/20 – 8/9 LINC073H.01W 1 Sign Up
Learn simple illustration techniques for print and web projects. Adobe Illustrator makes professional quality illustration and design so easy! In this class you will learn how to create simple and complex designs with shapes, special effects, custom patterns, brush styles, textures, and more! You will make full use of typography and brush styles to create your own original artwork, graphic designs, and layouts.