Spring 2016 Classes

In-Person Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units
Google Sites Staff Sat 4/23
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC070A.01 41690 0.5
Participants will explore Google Sites as a tool to make a website interactive and learning focused. Topics include presentation, audio, video, and embedding social media tools into a site. Elements of good website design and ideas for creating engaging websites will be addressed.
Introduction to Chromebook Staff Sat. 5/7
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC096C.01 41692 0.5
Chromebooks have seen a tremendous growth over the past three years, due to their low cost and versatility. This course will provide tools and strategies to utilize Chromebooks in a variety of different computing tasks. Emphasis will be given to using a Chromebook as a tool for content creation and curation, collaboration with peers, and publishing of original works using a variety of media. This course will also provide strategies for personal organization and sharing of digital work, using cloud based storage and software applications that can be used in a variety of personal, professional and educational contexts.
How to Flip a Classroom Staff Sat. 5/21
9 am to 3 pm
LINC098A.01 41693 0.5
An Introduction to Flipped Learning in the classroom. We will take a look at the pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. We will learn how to utilizing technology to implement a blended learning method that frees up class time for collaborative activities by shifting lectures out of the classroom and on to the internet. You will develop the instructional skills and technical skills necessary to create and deliver lessons via web-based videos to students at home.
iPads Staff Sat. 6/4
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC097.01 41694 0.5
This course demonstrates how tablet technology can dramatically impact student learning. Participants will explore the use of the iPad with its wealth of applications that can reflect the Common Core Standards and classroom content. This hands-on class provides practice and opportunities for practical lesson design and assessment. Although a limited number of classroom iPads are available, bring your own iPad if you have one.
Google Docs Staff Sat. 6/11
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC68B.01 41719 0.5
Google Docs is taking over your world. Google docs offers online apps similiar to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Draw, but they are collaborative, cloud-based, and free. Thousands of people have revolutionized their work by using Google docs in powerful and innovative ways.
Screencasting Staff Sat. 6/18
9 am to 2:50 pm
LINC086B.01 41720 0.5
Develop knowledge and skills for creating screencast tutorials that can be used to explain and demonstrate “how-to” topics. Screencasts are uploaded as video file to online hosts, like YouTube or Vimeo, or accessed directly from your web site. The course demonstrates free software, such as Screencastify and Screencast-O-Matic, and industry-standard software, such as Snagit. Students who are interested in making online tutorials for personal, education, or professional training purposes will create a “how-to” tutorial-style screencast of an instructional nature for their chosen audience.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid courses meet on the first Friday and online after that.
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Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units
Introduction to Digital Video Editing McGriff 4/22 – 5/12
Meet Friday 4/22, 2 to 4:50 pm
LINC083F.01Y 41688 1
Introductory course covers the skills to create short, digital movies for the Web or computer playback using low-cost or free software. Course topics including finding existing video, creating video slideshows, making titles, adding voiceover or music, and creating animation effects. Class projects are designed for use in education, business, and personal applications.
Multimedia Overview McGriff 5/13 – 6/2
Meet Friday 5/13, 2 to 4:50 pm
LINC080.01Y 41695 1
An overview of multimedia software and hardware and the multimedia production process. Designed for trainers, educators, and anyone interested in multimedia, the course features hands-on learning with computer-based or internet software authoring tools to design and produce a multimedia project or presentation that integrates text, graphics, animation, sound, and digital video for educational, business, or entertainment purposes.
Google Slides McGriff 6/3 – 6/24
Meet Friday 6/3, 2 to 4:50 pm
LINC064.01Y 41696 1
Develop the knowledge and skills to create effective and visually appealing slide presentations. This hands-on course focuses on Google Slides, a free, online slide presentation tool, however, primary emphasis is placed on applying visual literacy concepts that can be used in any slide presentation software. Additional topics include typography, inserting audio, inserting images, searching the web from within the application, applying animation/transition effects, and applying good presentation design.

Online Classes

Class Title Instructor Date & Time Course Number CRN Units
Adobe Photoshop Overview Davis Sats. 5/16 – 6/24 LINC073.01W 41506 1
What an impact professional quality images make! Tell your story. Share beauty, meaning, and creativity. Adjust colors and contrast, use touch-up tools, work with text. Maximize workflow with techniques to process multiple images. These simple techniques provide a foundation for digital imaging. Learn everything you need for publication for any media on any platform.
Adobe Illustrator Davis Sats. 5/16 – 6/24 LINC073H.01W 41735 1
Learn simple illustration techniques for print and web projects. Adobe Illustrator makes professional quality illustration and design so easy! In this class you will learn how to create simple and complex designs with shapes, special effects, custom pattern, brush styles, textures, and more! You will make full use of typography and brush styles to create your own original artwork, graphic designs and layouts.
ePortfolios Britt Sats. 5/16 – 6/24 LINC058A.01W 41732 1
This course is for educators, students, and professionals who want to design and implement electronic portfolios. After examining best practices, using an appropriate online tool, participants will design and post a portfolio plan and implement one entry.
Designing Web-based Learning Projects Ullah Sats. 5/16 -6/24 LINC067.01W 41724 1
This course is for educators or anyone who wants to discover online project design that promotes inquiry-based student learning and smart use of the web for search and Web tools. The course provides guidance in developing web-based projects with focus and purpose, and aligned with the Common Core standards requiring students to synthesize information by completing a challenge task. Use of webquests in the iPad classroom will also be explored. This course specifically addresses the following ISTE NETS*T: 1 (a, b); 2 (a, b, c, d); 3 (a); 4 (a, b); 5 (a, b, c, d).
Designing Learner-Centered Instruction Ullah Sats. 5/16 – 6/24 LINC057.01W 41723 1
Educators will examine the learner-centered approach to teaching in order to create transformative experiences for students. Educators develop the skills and conceptual knowledge for instructional design and creating student-centered learning activities that meet Common Core and content standards. Topics addressed include how learning happens, the role of educational technologies in student engagement, and effective modifications to existing instructional material. Following the learner-centered classroom guidelines, educators will create a multidisciplinary unit of instruction that is aligned to teaching standards and include both formative and summative assessments.
Introduction to the Internet Simkins Sats. 5/16 – 6/24 LINC066.01W 41734 1
Overview course that explores the educational, personal, and social benefits of the Internet. Participants will explore current Internet trends, tools, and technologies for information, communication, and collaboration. Participants will learn how to use the Internet more effectively and with a better understanding of the issues and dilemmas that surround life on the Web.