Pedagogy: Project-based Learning Experiences are Enhanced by the Use of Educational Technology

by Krause Center for Innovation

Education Technology is Changing How Teachers Relate in the Classroom

Pedagogy, or the art and science of reviewing how subjects or concepts are presented and taught, combines the use of professional developmental models today with classroom technology. What’s more, by making use of the numerous apps and platforms online, project-based learning is now gaining a foothold in school systems as Internet-based technologies encourage stronger student participation.

Educational Technology: Beneficial for Both the Teacher and Student

For example, available apps today allow teachers to show students how to think more logically, stay organized, and ask the questions they need in order to fully understand and learn a subject. Indeed, through the use of classroom technology, both the teacher and student can benefit from the experience.

Participation Dramatically Increases

As learning in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom is thought to be compulsory, students tend to retain less information. However, by using the technology available online, pedagogy is redefined, reducing the strictures placed on learning material solely in brick-and-mortar settings. As a result, students are availed with more opportunities to participate in the learning process.

How Software Apps Enhance the Learning Experience

For example, teachers can use apps today that provide students with the ability to brainstorm online, contribute and share information for projects, and easily keep track of their progress in specific subject areas. As a result, students learn by doing rather than by merely memorizing the content. In addition, concepts can be more easily challenged and the teacher’s role is expanded to being that of a facilitator as well as a guide. Education technology also enables instructors to make better use of online technologies to:

  • Incorporate more problem-oriented types of material into lesson plans, including simulations and studies;
  • Challenge ideas and interact more creatively; and
  • Integrate current information with past experiences.

Education Technology – A Boon for Educators Professionally and Developmentally

With more group interaction online too, the teacher is better able to confirm the relevancy and usability of the content. As teachers must consistently review, collaborate, and reflect on their teaching methods to create better modes of learning, the new educational technologies that are available on the Internet give them the opportunity to reach their full potential in this regard.

Making the Most of Project Based Learning

Project based learning permits learners to extend their inquiries in response to complex concepts, questions, or topics. Therefore, by using this educational model, students are able to develop critical thinking skills and hone their ability to coordinate and communicate with their teacher and other students. By combining project based learning with the educational technology apps that are available online as well, participation and interest increase. As a result, students who may find learning in the traditional classroom uninteresting or boring suddenly discover the activity to be an engaging pursuit when educational technology is introduced.

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