Adjunct Faculty & Lead Innovators

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty teach Learning In New Media Classroom (LINC) courses at Foothill College. Minimally, they hold a masters degree and have several years of experience teaching in K-12 schools.

  • Lindsey Blass

    4Cs in the Classroom; Assessment Strategies; Game-Based Learning

  • Steven Caringella

    Global Project-Based Learning; Google Docs

  • William Cavada

    Introduction to the Internet

  • Janet Davis

    Adobe InDesign; Photoshop

  • Leo Florendo

    Intro to Digital Video Editing; Web Design; Using Digital Images

  • Christopher Heumann

    Google Suite; Google Search Strategies

  • Rushton Hurley

    Former MERIT Director; Designing Learner Centered Lessons; Using Digital Images

  • Robert Pronovost

    MADE Science courses; Makerspace courses

  • Kelly Shafsky

    Global Project-Based Learning; Google Suite; Tech in the K12 Classroom

  • Michael Simkins

    Introduction to the Internet; Online Collaboration Tools; Open Educational Resources

  • Elisabeth Sylvan

    Makerspace Classes: Tech in the K12 Classroom: Designing Learner-Centered Instruction in the Makerspace; Online Collaboration Tools; ePortfolio.

  • Gene Tognetti

    Introduction to Instruction Design and Technology; Intro to the Internet; Google Suite

  • Catherine Tolnai

    Game Based Learning; Tech in the K12 Classroom; Designing Learner-Centered Instruction

  • Linda Ullah

    Global Project-Based Learning; Tech in the K12 Classroom; Designing Learner-Centered Instruction

Lead Innovators

Our Lead Innovators are a distinguished pool of talented and creative educators from K-12 schools across the state. Lead Innovators instruct in our specialized programs, such as MERIT, FAME, MADE: Science, and mini-MERIT. Many of these special educators are globally-recognized, award-winning teachers.

  • Abigaile Almerido

    mini-MERIT; specialized professional development

  • Chris Bell

    Computer Science Crash Course

  • Kristen Berg

    mini-MERIT; specialized professional development

  • Dominic Bigue


  • Brian Briggs

    MERIT Assistant Director; mini-MERIT; specialized professional development

  • Greg Brown

    MADE: Science

  • Elizabeth Brumbaugh

    Former Teacher in Residence; mini-MERIT

  • Cristina Bustamante

    FAME, Blended FAME, specialized professional development

  • Martin Cisneros

    Specialized professional development

  • Rachel Freed

    MADE: Science

  • Rebecca Girard

    MERIT instructor, MADE: Science

  • Erica Goldsworthy

    mini-MERIT; specialized professional development

  • Ann Greyson

    Computer Science Crash Course

  • Matt Hall


  • Ken Hawthorn

    Makerspace planning; specialty camps

  • Lisa Highfill

    MERIT former Assistant Director; specialized professional development

  • Abigail Joseph

    Computer Science Crash Course

  • Sarah Landis

    MERIT instructor

  • Karen Larsen

    Specialized professional development

  • Sandra McConnell


  • Rachel Medeiros

    MERIT instructor

  • Karly Moura

    MERIT instructor; specialized professional development

  • Ryan O’Donnell

    MERIT instructor

  • Cassandra Perreira

    MERIT instructor; mini-MERIT Director

  • Kim Randall

    MERIT instructor; specialized professional development; curriculum writer

  • Corinne Takara

    STEM and Makerspace specialist; MERIT instructor

  • Sheena Vaidyanathan

    Computer Science Crash Course

  • Lisa Waxman

    mini-MERIT instructor