Basic information about classroom equipment specifications is listed below. Please e-mail ude.llihtoofnull@ick or call (650) 949-7680 with any questions.

For technical support related to the availability of software and equipment please contact (650) 949–7328.

Please click on each thumbnail to view an image of the corresponding class room.

Class No. Computer Type Operating System No. of Computers Instructor Station Screens Doc. Camera White Board Classroom Images
4002 Macbook Pro OSX 25 iMac 1 Projector2 Plasma X X
4004 Macbook Pro OSX 30 iMac 1 Projector2 Plasma X X
4006 Macbook Pro & PC laptop OSX & Windows XP 24 iMac 1 Projector X
4008 PC Desktop Windows XP 30 PC Desktop 1 Projector X X

Available Software

View complete list of available software.

Reserving a room at the KCI

To reserve classrooms 4002, 4004, and 4008, contact Denise Perez at (650) 949-7256. To reserve room 4006, contact Gay Krause at (650) 949-7113.