Computer Science

a fun, hackathon-style coding workshop on Saturday, November 10

This 3-hour workshop will allow you to choose block-based Scratch or text-based Python as your coding language of choice. The workshop is open to educators at all levels of coding experience and is designed to strengthen coding skills, while you will also learn about resources on Computer Science education and the best teaching practices.

We will first do some short projects together, to learn and review programming concepts like variables, lists, string operations, and functions and then break into groups (or work individually) to work in 'Hackathon' style on bigger projects. This workshop will help build your own coding skills, and empower you to help students understand concepts in different ways. You will learn how to differentiate to reach all students in your classroom. Teachers in all grades, subjects and coding levels are welcome.


Sheena Vaidyanathan has been teaching computer science in California public schools for 8+ years and has extensive experience with K-8 curriculum development and professional development. Prior to her teaching career, Sheena worked in Silicon Valley's technology industry. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science as well as a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Math. She has presented at several conferences and writes articles on CS education.

Questions? Contact Liane Freeman at ude.adhfnull@enailnameerf

Date: Saturday November 10, 2018
Time: 9am to 12 noon
Location: KCI, Foothill College
Cost: $65.00