Evaluating Technology Based Learning Outcomes

This advanced course in evaluating instructional technology programs continues the coursework of LINC 91A and LINC 91B and further develops the skills and knowledge students need to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of educational curriculum or training programs. Using analysis skills, students examine the entire process from program design to implementation. Students interested in the study of instructional design and technology will determine and report on the effectiveness of an instructional program or curriculum for either online or classroom delivery in terms of instructor preparation, planning, delivery medium, and effective use of technology. Skill development includes effective use of technology tools for writing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting an instructional program evaluation plan. This course is part of the Instructional Design & Technology program sequence.

LINC 91C (CRN 31592)



  • DATE(S)
    February 14, 2020
    thru March 27, 2020


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