KCI Professional Learning Network

The KCI is launching the Professional Learning Network to educate teachers and administrators on 21st century learning skills to promote creative and innovative learning environments.
The KCI has a successful 15 year history of training K-12 educators in the Silicon Valley, in close working relationship with Foothill College. This collaborative model will be the framework for each regional partner in the new statewide Professional Learning Network.
Teacher Credential CA

The Issues

For nine consecutive years, the total number of new teaching credentials issued has decreased.

  • 30% decrease in number of new teachers over the past five years
  • State’s population continues to grow
(CA Commission for Teacher Credentialing, 2014)

Learning Policy Institute:
Addressing California’s Emerging
Teacher Shortage

MERIT participants taking a selfie

Our Solution

Keep in-service teachers at the top of their game. Teach them

  • how to evaluate and use technology resources
  • new teaching approaches that promote learning environments high in creativity and innovation

What a Decade of Education Research Tells Us About Technology in the Hands of Underserved Students” – EdSurge

Researchers Hunt for ‘Secret Sauce’ of Digital Learning Success” – EdTech Magazine

Our Statewide Expansion Plan

KCI Network showing locations on California map

The California-wide, educator professional learning network will train thousands of teachers annually.

Expansion Goals

  • Within next 5 years: Train over 50,000 teachers
  • Full capacity after 5 years: Train over 35,000 teachers annually
  • Reach over 1.1 million students. Students will
    • experience deeper, more engaging learning environments
    • thrive in higher learning and in the 21st century workplace

Become a part of the Network

Support today and tomorrow’s educators and students

We are actively seeking regional partners throughout California to join the Professional Learning Network. Through the network, we will offer the same professional learning programs to teachers across the state and beyond that have been successful in the Bay Area. To accomplish this, we are building a network of partners to provide these quality programs to teachers within California and beyond.

Benefits to becoming a member

Community College

  • Access to KCI current programs: partners will have the rights to conduct KCI programs for schools and districts in their geographic area for revenue.
  • KCI support to develop Educational Summits, such as Google Summits.
  • Access to KCI’s badging application, with the ability to award existing KCI badges and to create badges.
  • Assistance in establishing college level courses based on courses established and in use by KCI at Foothill College.
  • Improve ability to build partnerships between the County Office of Education and the local K-12 districts.
  • Assistance in identifying and recruiting instructors in their geographic area capable of teaching the KCI curriculum.
  • Ongoing support with training of instructors and access to all new KCI curriculum and programs.
  • Access to other partners as the network grows for collaborative curriculum and program development.

County Offices of Education

  • Access to KCI curriculum to provide professional learning programs to districts, using a contract education models.
  • Conduct KCI branded programs, with KCI staff, to generate revenue and build a cost recovery model.
  • Access to KCI’s badging application, with the ability to award existing KCI badges and create badges.
  • Develop county office adjunct faculty members, who can teach classes for college credit.
  • Improve ability to build partnerships between the County Office of Education and the local K-12 districts.

K-12 School District

  • 10% off on all KCI programs (Mini-MERIT, Blended FAME, etc.)
  • Access to KCI’s Badging Application
    • Comes with 15 pre loaded badges for teachers to earn
    • Provides district staff with the ability to view the badge completion rate of all district teachers with downloadable reports
    • Allows districts to create badges for teachers to complete as part of their own professional learning program.