Badging Platform for Professional Learning

Educators now can customize their own professional learning, gain additional skills when and where they want, and document those new skills with digital badges and micro credentials.
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Digital Badging and Micro Credentials

The KCI now offers Digital Badging / Micro Credentials for individual educators and school districts. Digital Badges represent a completed a task, a learning activity, or mastery of a specific skill by an individual. Badge recipients can display their badges on their personal websites, resumes, or other places on the Internet to illustrate their specific skills.The KCI Badging Platform is available to all teachers and districts in California and has the following features:

  • Powered by Penn State University’s Digital Badging Platform
  • Easy to navigate web-based interface
  • Users can log in using their credentials from other services, including Google Apps for Education

Benefits for Individual Teachers

  • Badging supports autonomy
  • Badging provides a variety of assessments
  • Users have the ability to try again and get greater levels of feedback
  • Platform adjusts to mobile devices, allowing users to learn at anytime, anyplace
  • Badges can be shared to other social media platforms or personal online portfolios

Benefits for Districts

  • Easy to implement
  • Provides choice to teachers
  • Authentic assessment of teacher skill
  • Provides a seamless integration into a district’s professional learning program
  • Documentation of professional learning at the district level
  • 17 badges are currently available, with another 22 in development

KCI Badging Approach

The KCI Badging Application is made up of Steps, Badges, and Missions. A series of Steps leads to a Badge. A series of Badges leads to a Mission.

Online communication


  • Complete specific learning activities (reading, watching video, listening to content)
  • Submit evidence demonstrating content comprehension
several seals


  • Badges made up of a series of steps
  • Upon completion of all steps, Badge will be awarded
Wordle Learn


  • Missions are made up of a series of Badges that have a common theme or learning pathway
  • Missions directly relate to some of KCI coursework.

How do I get started?

Contact Kyle Brumbaugh: gro.retnecnoitavonniesuarknull@hguabmurb

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