What are you going to make on Mondays?

Stop between 12-1:30 Mondays for informal and fun making!  Explore the possibilities of making with a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, paper circuits, and more. This program is open to all  of Foothill. No need to RSVP. Just show up! Running from from April 23rd to June 25 except Memorial Day. Led by KCI Maker In Residence, Dr. Elisabeth Sylvan and artist and art educator specialist, Michele Guieu.


The April sessions will start with using the laser cutter and vinyl cutter to make beautiful 3D lanterns like the ones below. We’ll explore using cardboard, plywood, and vellum. You’ll be able to see how the tools work, customize your boxes and experiment with us to put LED lights inside.


Candle Holders by Michelle Guieu