Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology

MERIT10 Teachers Working
The MERIT program is the KCI’s premier technology-focused professional development program.  MERIT is a research-based, educator development program designed to help teachers bolster their curriculum with technology-enhanced learning activities to motivate, challenge and inspire the diverse learners and leaders of the future.


The Krause Center for Innovation’s five-day “mini-MERIT” Educational Technology training is based upon our long-running, successful MERIT (Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology) Program..


Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence

FAME Teachers Working
The FAME program is designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge and teaching skills in key pre-algebra and algebra concepts in grades 6-8, and promote and encourage the use of technology in instruction to support and enhance mathematics teaching and learning.

MADE Science

Modeling Analysis Design Engineering Science

Kids on iPads
The KCI’s MADE Science Program will give teachers in all grades the practical tools they need to meet the challenges of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). MADE Science combines engaging and memorable hands-on activities with inexpensive applications of relevant technology. For example, one module in the program combines a simple hands-on “forces and motion” activity with a powerful slow-motion phone app and a simple Google Form. With the help of over a dozen experiences like this one, teacher-participants will gain confidence in facilitating student-centered, project based activities.

Computer Science

Coding Participants
The KCI Computer Science PD program helps elementary, middle and early high school teachers in all subject areas gain computer science content knowledge and strengthen their coding skills.

Tailored PD Programs

Based on the KCI’s expertise in providing high quality professional development programs, schools and districts are increasingly engaging the KCI to provide PD programs that are tailored to a school or district’s specific needs. The goal of these programs is to prepare teachers to implement 21st century technology skills into daily instructional practice through an intensive process of learning how to implement a variety of hardware and software tools, including free web 2.0 applications. These engagements take many forms and vary in length, depending on the needs and goals of the schools and districts.