The EMPowered immersive experience for the Summer 2020 cohort will be online. No travel required!

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A Blended Learning / Professional Learning Program
for 4th-5th Grade Math Teachers

Empowered Program

Based on KCI’s well established FAME program for middle and high school teachers, EMPowered helps build your math content expertise for teaching 4th-5th graders, as well as introduces tools and methodologies to use in your classroom to engage students in math. You will explore the Eight Mathematical Practices while also learning how to use computer and web-based technologies to support teaching and learning. you will explore operations and algebraic thinking, fraction and base ten number and operation concepts, measurement data and geometry with an emphasis on topics that students often find challenging, while learning how to use technologies to support teaching and learning of mathematics.

Do you want to...

  • deepen your understanding of the Eight Mathematical Practices?
  • learn additional strategies for teaching mathematics?
  • use computer and web technologies in math instruction to engage and motivate learners?
  • deepen your Common Core Understanding?


The EMPowered program consists of an orientation in the spring, and a summer institute comprised of six days of synchronous, live online instruction, plus another 24 hours of online learning. After the summer institute, the learning and professional development continues in the academic year program with four EMPowered follow-up sessions designed to help you implement instructional changes, discuss real experiences, develop best practices, build a professional learning community, and address additional math content and technology topics.

Spring Orientation


Pre-work will be provided by June 26, 2020.

Summer Intensive

JULY 15 - 17 and
JULY 20 - 22, 2020

6 days of synchronous, in-person, online instruction

Summer Online


24 additional hours online learning required during the summer

Follow Up Sessions


usually a Saturday in October, November, February, and March


Additional Units

SUMMER 2020, FALL 2020, OR WINTER 2021

two units required, your choice of FASTTech courses


My goal as a result of EMPowered is to totally revamp the way I plan a unit, so I’m not “presenting” information to my students, but creating activities that enable them to work together to DISCOVER math connections and strategies.