MADE Science

Modeling Analysis Design & Engineering

Kids on iPadsMADE Science (Modeling, Analysis, Design, and Engineering) will give teachers in all grades the practical tools they need to meet the challenges of the Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS). MADE Science combines engaging and memorable hands-on activities with inexpensive applications of relevant technology. For example, one module in the program combines a simple hands-on “forces and motion” activity with a powerful slow-motion phone app and a simple Google Form. With the help of over a dozen experiences like this one, teacher-participants will gain confidence in facilitating student-centered, project based activities.

MADE Science Program

The program is comprised to 30 hours of face-to-face training, providing ample time for practice and discussion. In between live sessions, participants will have access to the instructors and other members of the cohort using on-line collaboration tools.

The MADE program will assist teachers in making the NGSS transition, and students will gain a greater understanding of science concepts and how technology can provide additional depth to the content taught. An overarching goal of the program is for students to better understand and in turn share their work through blogs, portfolios and other digitally published media. This will provide students with real world, authentic feedback.

The MADE Science program will empower educators to:

  1. Use hands-on NGSS-aligned content to promote student inquiry and drive content mastery.
  2. Introduce a variety of media tools to help students publish their work, present to large audiences, and receive authentic feedback from experts and peers.
  3. Model and use new teaching strategies, which provide opportunities for students to take a greater responsibility for their own learning.
  4. Support student learning by integrating new technologies, including mobile devices, Internet content, databases and web based science simulations, into their teaching practice.
  5. Collaborate with fellow teachers who will help them gain confidence and share exciting new content.


To learn more about the program, contact Liane Freeman at ude.adhfnull@enailnameerf.