3 Day Topics

4 Cs plus 1

Educators will do a deep dive into the application of the 4 C’s and how they can integrate it into their lessons and unit plans. They will also engage with one additional C (Citizenship, Character, etc.) to enhance student learning. Educators will walk away from this workshop with a 4C’s aligned lesson or unit.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, & The Future

The digital world is becoming more autonomous, requiring students to be more adept to change and collaboration. Educators will learn what the future holds and how they can best prepare their students for it.

Computational Thinking and Block Based Coding

Educators will apply computational thinking to block-based coding that is applicable for grades 2-5. Teachers will be introduced to this coding language and will learn ways to engage their students.

Computational Thinking and Physical Computing

Educators will apply computational thinking to more advanced coding languages such as Scratch, Java, and Python. Educators will also learn physical aspects of computers such as circuitry and design.

Design Thinking

Educators will learn the fundamentals of design thinking and how to apply it to their lessons and units. At the end of the session, educators will have designed a project that will be aligned to standards and will support design thinking principles.

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