Rambus / KCI Innovation Award Winners Announcement

by Liane Freeman

We are pleased to announce the winner and runners-up for this year’s Rambus / KCI Innovation Award.

Innovation Award 2012 Winner

Angi Chau
Bourn Idea Lab
Castilleja School
Palo Alto, CA

The Bourn Idea lab is a tinkering studio outfitted with a collection of digital fabrication equipment for grades 6 – 12. In operation since January 2012, teachers have integrated hands-on projects into classes as diverse as science, history, math, and visual arts. Example projects include the assembly of wooden microscopes using laser cut parts, the design and construction of kinetic sculptures incorporating programmable microcontrollers, and the design of simple timekeeping devices using materials such as plastic cups, straws, and toothpicks.

Innovation Award Runners-up

Margaret Lim
Students as Teachers
Bullis Charter School
Los Altos, CA
Werner Vavken
International Space
Station Nanolab Project
Valley Christian
High School
San Jose, CA

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