Humanizing Mathematics in our Classrooms

Workshop Details

Location: Online via Zoom

Humanizing Mathematics in our Classrooms

Math is a subject that can get a bad rap with learners. Sometimes, students feel “smart” if they get the right answers, and they feel “dumb” if they get the wrong ones. It’s time to press pause and breathe humanity back into this powerful and exciting subject !

This workshop series shines a positive light on mathematics by introducing engaging and inclusive strategies that will show the joy in mathematics. Workshop leaders will discuss topics related to education technology, math pedagogy, DEI, and more that will show how math can be humanized in the classrooms. This cohort is open to all math content teachers, K-5 generalists, and district and county leaders specializing in mathematics.

Meeting Dates and Times

  • September 13th (Tues), 4:30 – 6pm PST
  • September 15th (Thur), 4:30 – 6pm PST
  • September 20th (Tues), 4:30 – 6pm PST
  • September 24th (Sat), 10am – 2pm PST

Our Instructors