Let’s Get Real About Teacher Retention

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Let’s Get Real About Teacher Retention

How has teacher retention changed post-COVID shutdown, and how has the strategy to increase teacher retention been approached differently?

Before COVID, teacher retention was an issue. In 2017, the Learning Policy Institute, led by Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, identified that teacher attrition is at 8% nationally, and each open position can cost a district on average $20,000 to replace. After the COVID pandemic, Fortune Magazine indicated that 44% of teachers feel burned out most of the time or all of the time, meaning that attrition rate has increased.

This panel, with a keynote by Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond as well as experts in research, district leadership, and the teaching profession will discuss how teacher retention has changed and specific strategies that schools and districts are using to decrease attrition rates and feelings of burnout.

  • Keynote – Linda Darling-Hammond (Learning Policy Institute)
  • Panelist 1 – Melanie Leung-Gagné (Learning Policy Institute)
  • Panelist 2 – Superintendent – José Manzo (Superintendent of Oak Grove School District)
  • Panelist 3 – Sarah Williams (ToSA at Union School District and MERIT Alumni)
  • Panelist 4 – Dr. Nellie Meyer (Superintendent of Mountain View Los Altos School District)

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  • January 12th (Tues), 6pm – 8pm PST

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