What “They” Forgot to Tell you When Flipping your Classroom

by Gene Tognetti

This post originally appeared in  the Common Core and Ed Tech blog. Here’s a guest post by MERIT 2013 graduate Cheryl Chase, Middle School Science Teacher at St. Leo the Great School in San Jose, Ca., and is all about tips and tricks to successfully flip your classroom. Thanks, Cheryl! The “Flipped Classroom”, it’s what everyone […]

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A View from Washington: The Intersection of Policy & Politics in American Education

by Krause Center for Innovation
Cropped_Martha Kanter

[Remarks of Martha Kanter, Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education (2009-2013), Microsoft/KCI 2014 Innovation Award Recognition Event Microsoft, Mountain View Campus February 27, 2014] Thank you for such a warm welcome! It’s wonderful to come home to Silicon Valley and especially to participate in the Microsoft/Krause Center for Innovation Awards ceremony! I can’t think of […]

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iPads in Education: How the iPad reinforces English Classes

by Janet Davis
Student uses iPad for lesson.

Last year, we have all witnessed how Apple attempted and succeeded in dominating the educational tablet market – CNET reported that the company already locked up 94% of the total shares. Beyond the benefit of efficiency and standards, the device has gone a long way in improving collaboration and engaging students in all subjects, including […]

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Games to Promote Critical Thinking in Engineering

by Chris Burley
Critical Thinking In Engineering

Games for Future Engineers Engineering can be really hard, and sometimes going by the book and the basic lesson plans just aren’t enough. Some students do better when they are able to control something visually or take part in a simulation of sorts. That’s where engineering games come in. These type of games are used […]

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Games to Promote Critical Thinking in Life Sciences

by Chris Burley
Critical Thinking In Life Science

Making Life Science Fun School is constantly shifting and evolving the way in which it teaches students about the basic fundamentals. Lately, this shift in education has been leaning towards educational games that can easily be found on computers and other mobile devices. These games are vast improvements over the games of old and allow […]

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