Professional Learning Programs

KCI offers a variety of high-quality professional learning programs for educators that can help you:

  • deepen content and technology skills
  • gain confidence in new teaching methodologies
  • get you ready for the next step in your career

We specialize in immersive programs where educators have the time to focus, learn, reflect, and plan for transforming their classroom practice. Teachers also gain access to a broader professional learning community.

Many, but not all, KCI programs include CEUs. Details are on each program page.

Whether you are interested in programs specifically focused on Math, Science, Computer Science, or general Ed Tech integration, KCI has a program for you.

Over 25,000 teachers and countless students have benefitted from KCI programs.

The Hybrid-Flexible Learning Model

KCI’s MERIT program took a whole new approach to professional learning in Summer 2022 in large thanks to the support of our donors and advisors. In an effort to expand our impact to Southern California, we simultaneously hosted two in-person classrooms of nearly forty educators in both Los Altos Hills and Covina, CA via the HyFlex Learning Model.
The Hybrid-Flexible (or HyFlex) Learning Model combines both in-person and online instruction to create a unique experience for learners and instructors. For the #MERIT22 Cohort, that means that at times they learned via direct instruction over Zoom in one location, and completing activities in-person with other cohort members in another location. Our HyFlex Classroom up at Foothill College is equipped with amazing resources and tools to make this connectivity a reality.
We hope to offer more programs using the HyFlex Learning Model and expand KCI’s impact throughout the state. Stay tuned as the story unfolds!

I didn't come with anyone, but I left with everyone.

— Mello Shorter

Certificate Programs


Technology-enhanced professional learning aimed at inspiring the learners and leaders of the future

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Prototyping and creativity in education that sparks innovation and collaboration in a makerspace setting

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Cohesive STEAM integration based in personal identity work, individual strengths, and equity leadership

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Research-driven educational exploration of online and blended instruction

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Embrace EdTech Innovation on an Organizational Level

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