Foothill College’s Own Community Makerspace is Hosted at the Krause Center for Innovation!


Located in the lower level of the Krause Innovation Center, the KCI Underground Makerspace is a new makerspace  that provides our community with the resources to design and make using a variety of computer-aided design and manufacturing and other tools. We serve a range of constituents: Foothill students and staff, local area educators and the broader San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. We provide not only the tools but the courses, certification, events and social support to get you making.

Members can use the shop’s machines, including laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, vinyl cutters, soldering irons, hand and power tools, and much more. Membership includes training on all of our equipment and member-only workshops.

Training & Courses

We have multiple informal non-credit machine training sessions and topical workshops for our Makerspace members multiple times a month.

We teach Foothill College courses every quarter. Classes can be taken by Foothill students, high school students, community members and teachers. Note that all Foothills classes require a minimum of 20 students to run.

Makerspace Coordinator Certificate

The Makerspace Coordinator is a certificate program that is designed for people who are seeking employment in fabrication laboratories and makerspaces within community centers, libraries, and educational settings. The program provides instruction and support for building models and prototypes, strategies to spark innovation and invention, and creative problem-solving and collaboration.

Open Makerspace Hours

The KCI Makerspace is typically open 6 days per week to members who have completed a minimum of our New Member Orientation and the training for the machine they plan to use. Experienced makers and staff are available to provide assistance during our open hours.

Making Areas

crafting icon


Using tools and a variety materials to create or decorate a variety of items by hand.

wearables icon


Using tools, machines and electronics in the creation or enhancement of items which can be worn.

electronics icon


The creation of items using electrical circuits or devices using transistors, microchips, and other components.

computing icon


The use of microcontrollers and computers to create items which provide specific functions and uses.

physical design icon

Physical Design

The use of a variety of tools to create or build items using wood, metal, and other items to provide a specific function.

fabrication icon


The use of specialized machines, connected to a computer, to create items for a specific purpose.

Earn Badges to Gain Access

Individuals earn badges which will give them access to different types of equipment in the space.

  • Scout: This is the basic level badge for each making area. It emphasizes basic skills and the safe usage of the tools in the area. All Makers will be required to complete the basic or "scout" safety badge and sign a waiver to use the equipment in the space. In addition, makers under age 18 need a permission slip signed by their parent; this allows the parent to specify which tools and equipment their child may use while in the space.
  • Pathfinder: This badge expands upon skills learned at the Scout level and adds additional advanced skills and the ability to work independently using an instruction / direction list.
  • Trailblazer: This badge is the culminating activity within each making area, where individuals develop an independent project of their own choice that uses the skills learned in the Scout and Pathfinder level badges.
  • Mentor: This badge is awarded to individuals who have completed the Scout, Pathfinder, and Trailblazer badges within the Making area and have documented two instances of peer mentoring within the KCI Makerspace.

The KCI/Foothill Underground Makerspace is part of and funded by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Maker initiative.