Our Mission

The Krause Center for Innovation’s mission is to design and implement innovative professional development education and training, with an emphasis on technology integration and STEM curriculum, to support the diverse workforce needed to compete in the knowledge economy.

Serving K-12 Educators Since 2000

Over 16,000 teachers have taken KCI courses. It has built a reputation on intensive summer institutes for educators, as well as the courses it provides throughout the year. The KCI has consistently focused on building innovative courses and programs and on evaluating and improving its methodologies.

  • Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology (MERIT) is a professional development experience for K-12 teachers aimed at developing and supporting innovative applications of technology in teaching and learning.
  • The Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence (FAME) is a professional development experience for teachers of mathematics in grades 6-8 aimed at the simultaneous development of both content and technological knowledge in order to enhance teachers' pedagogical practices.
  • FASTtech classes are Foothill College courses designed and developed by the KCI to meet the technology training needs of elementary, middle, secondary and community college educators. FASTtech features a series of short, affordable and conveniently timed classes for K-14 educators that address the California Technology Proficiencies by providing an opportunity to discover ways to incorporate technology into curriculum.

The KCI’s other key focus has been on partnering with education-oriented nonprofits and foundations to serve the educator segment. Based on this experience and success, the KCI is uniquely positioned to address many of the critical issues facing education and workforce development.

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