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MERIT Program

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MERIT: Where Educators Become Leaders In Excellence

Launched in 2002 by the Krause Center for Innovation, the MERIT (Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology) program has led professional learning for educators with a curriculum that melds advanced teaching methodologies and technology. With over 800 graduates, MERIT continually adapts to the evolving demands of education and technology. Its approach combines intensive training with ongoing support, fostering a strong community of educators dedicated to collaborative growth. MERIT’S focus on improving teaching practices and student outcomes has established it as a cornerstone of educational innovation, empowering educators to enact transformative changes in their classrooms and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

  • Earn a California State Certificate of Achievement as an Educational Technology Specialist and 12 quarter units from Foothill College
  • Create engaging multimedia projects that integrate cloud-based publishing tools.
  • Leverage existing and emerging technology platforms, including artificial intelligence, to introduce creativity and innovation into educational settings.
  • Enhance instruction and community engagement through the use of online collaboration tools.
  • Facilitate interactions and collaboration to build a community that fosters active learning.
  • Develop accessible and inclusive standards-based instructional materials that incorporate education technology. 
  • Apply education technology to project-based and student-centered learning.
  • Curate and create instructional materials, tools, strategies, and resources to engage all learners and meet achievement goals.
  • Explore digital citizenship and media literacy to assist students and educators in accessing and understanding information more effectively.
  • Implement inclusive practices when integrating education technology into lessons.
  • Encourage lifelong learning and curiosity among students, preparing them for ongoing success.

Program Instructors

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More Program Details

MERIT: Making Education Relevant through Innovative Teaching

  • Empower Your Growth with Grant-Funded Professional Learning: Our grant-funded program is designed with your budget in mind, supporting your dedication to education.
  • Experience the Power of Cohort-Based Learning: Learn with a close-knit group of educators, each dedicated to making a difference.
  • Bring Immediate Value to Your Role: Our job-embedded approach allows you to directly apply the materials and projects developed during the program to enhance your classroom and contribute to your learners’ success.
  • Join a Community That Celebrates Your Passion: Join a thriving community where support, mentorship, and a shared vision unite you with a family of like-minded individuals.

Core Program Themes

Empowering Pedagogy

  • Inclusive Identities and Accessible Learning
  • Student Voice and Choice
  • Engaging Learning through Fun and Creativity
  • Future-Ready Skills

Innovative Technology Integration

  • AI and Emerging Technologies
  • Creativity and Multimedia
  • Digital Equity, Citizenship, and Media Literacy
  • Building a Technology Toolbox

Dynamic Professional Network

  • Community Collaboration and Peer Support
  • Resilience, Adaptability, and Sustainable Innovation
  • Energizing and Sustained Professional Growth
  • Creating Joyful Learning Communities

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