The KCI has brought together some of the most talented and experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in the educational and corporate spheres with the goal of improving education in our communities.

Gay Krause, Executive Director

Executive director, Gay Krause, founded the KCI in July 1998. Gay was responsible for developing and implementing the initial vision to serve K-14 educators in professional development activities. She also led the effort to restore the former Space Science Museum into a fully equipped technology facility to serve K-14 educators, Foothill students, and the community. The KCI is available for professional development activities 24/7 both in-house and on-line throughout the state of California.

Prior to July 1998, Gay was a principal of both elementary and middle schools in the Mountain View Whisman School District. Gay served as teacher, middle school counselor, assistant principal and principal for 10 years. Gay received her B.S. degree from The Pennsylvania State University in education and special education, her M.S. degree from the University of Virginia in counseling psychology, and a credential in administrative leadership from San Jose State University and San Francisco University.

Steven J. McGriff, Ph.D., Professor-in-Residence

Steve McGriff began his tenure as Professor-in-Residence at the KCI July 1, 2008. Steve had previously served as assistant professor in the College of Education, Department of Instructional Technology at San Jose State University (SJSU) for six years. His experience teaching and mentoring teachers in a master’s degree program has prepared him to lead teacher professional development programs at the KCI. Steve designs and develops the KCI curriculum, manages KCI academic operations and closely collaborates with executive director Gay Krause to direct the KCI’s mission as it grows into its second decade of educational technology excellence. Steve received his B.A. degree from Stanford University, an M.A., Instructional Technology from San Jose State University, and his doctorate in Instructional Systems from The Pennsylvania State University.

Liane Freeman, Strategy and Marketing Director

Liane serves as the Director of Strategy and Marketing at the KCI. She works with the leadership team to develop and drive strategic initiatives, as well as the marketing/communications efforts of the organization. Liane is an experienced manager whose career has spanned software, energy, and education. Most recently, she held a number of management positions with Intuit, including Director of Information Management and Design, Small Business Division, where she led a team of 50 to significantly streamline and optimize customer interaction with the company. Prior to Intuit, she held leadership positions with the non-profit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and was responsible for customer service and communications, product marketing, marketing communications, and account management. Throughout her career, she has managed cross functional teams working on large, complex projects. Liane has B.A. and M.A. degrees in English, as well as a teaching credential, from San Jose State University.

Kathy Fransham, KCI Program Coordinator

Kathy Fransham has been an employee of Foothill College for more than 25 years. After many years as Foothill’s Technology Trainer, Kathy became a staff member at the KCI, where she is currently the KCI Program Coordinator. Kathy supports the enrollment process for all KCI programs and classes and the operations of the Center. Kathy has a bachelor’s degree in biology and masters degree in instructional technology.

Rushton Hurley,  MERIT Program Director

Ruston has served as the MERIT Program Director at the KCI for the last two years. Rushton Hurley has taught at the high school and college level, been a school principal, worked with charter and traditional schools, and organized and run an online school. His graduate school background at Stanford includes exploring technology-enhanced learning through multi-media and speech recognition. Given Rushton’s professional experiences and training and having built connections to interested educators around the world, he used his energy to establish Next Vista  []. Next Vista works to make learning more engaging, with a focus on helping students start strong with any topic they study. Its central project is a free, online library of teacher- and student-made short videos for learners everywhere. Next Vista believes a strong four-minute video could save students days or weeks of frustration by providing a variety of presentations on the topics that give them trouble. Helping students become more engaged in and confident with their learning is the underlying philosophy that drives Rushton’s passion and resources to make this project succeed. Give him a few minutes, and he’ll convince you, too.

Gayle Britt, Instructional Leader

Gayle is currently a key member of Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) Instructional Team. For the last nine years, Gayle has been actively involved in teaching KCI courses and developing curriculum that aligns with the KCI’s mission, which is to empower educators by providing technology integration training, project-based learning training, and fostering educational partnerships to address current challenges and trends for K-14 educators. Gayle is a former seventh grade teacher and currently trains teachers in developing projects using technology tools. For Oracle Education Foundation, Gayle trains teachers globally in student project design, using the Thinkquest tool. Holding a National Board certification in social studies, Gayle supports National Board candidates in the support group at Stanford University.Gayle was the lead instructor in the Merit Fellows program, and she also led the KCI/ Sonoma Unified School District Merit program in Sonoma, California. She has a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University.

Steven Caringella, Instructor

Steve is a part-time instructor at Foothill College’s Krause Center for Innovation. He has an M.A. in Education from Bethany University, and an M.A. in Instructional Technology from San Jose State, Steve has provided professional development in educational technology at the school and district levels, in addition to teaching FastTech classes at the KCI. Steve has thirteen years of experience in K-12 education, and is currently a Teacher on Special Assignment, Intervention and Technology, at Curtner Elementary School in the Milpitas Unified School District.

William Cavada, Instructor

William Cavada has worked for over 12 years as a digital artist and media arts teacher. His design experience ranges from graphic communication to web design and video production. His teaching experience includes multimedia arts, yearbook, youth media and technology. He has for the past eight years been teaching at Mt. Pleasant High School, where he teaches the multimedia courses and coordinates the site’s Adobe Youth Voices program. While running the AYV program at Mt. Pleasant, his students have had their films screened at Cinequest, MACLA, and at the Adobe Youth Summits in 2009 and 2010. He is also co-advisor to the award winning Cardinal Literary Magazine. He has for the past six years been an instructor at KCI, teaching courses in In-Design, Illustrator, Premiere and Flash; he has also participated in Adobe Teach the Teachers, and the Winter Institute.
William Cavada studied art education with a concentration in conceptual art at San Francisco State University, earning a fine arts degree and continued his studies with a master’s in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University.

Joe Chee, FAME Instructional Technologist

Joe Chee is an instructor and instructional technologist for the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College. In addition, Joe is an adjunct lecturer in Santa Clara University’s department of education where he teaches courses on educational technology and school administration. Joe received his B.A. from Stanford University, and his M.A. in education from Santa Clara University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in education at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Janet Davis, Instructional Leader

Janet Davis is a member of the KCI’s Instructional Team. Following her career as a Kindergarten teacher, Janet built educational web sites for NASA. She then became a Technology Trainer at De Anza College, and taught classes as a multimedia instructor. She became the manager for the Adobe Youth Voices Training Center at KCI, which was funded by a grant from Adobe Inc. She was recruited by Adobe to become an Adobe Education Leader, one of approximately 100 educators world-wide. She also travelled for Adobe demonstrating Photoshop at educational conferences. She has also taught for Stanford Digital Media Academy. Janet has an M.A. degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University.

Chris Heumann, Instructional Leader

Chris has been a KCI Instructional Leader in various capacities for eight years, beginning with his own participation in the KCI Earn-While-You-Learn professional development program in 2003. He became a Fellows Mentor the following year and then led the MERIT program for three years thereafter. Chris’ strength as a KCI instructor arises from the passion and pace that he has learned through his 23 years as a middle school science, math, and English teacher. He “walks his talk” by using technologies with his students in creative and innovative ways.  For more than two decades, his energetic, practical and personalized style of instruction has empowered thousands of teachers to increase the effectiveness of instruction through the timely and finely-tuned utilization of a wide variety of existing and emerging technologies. Chris has a M.A. in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University.

Steve Tatum, Instructor

After spending 20 years in the computer industry as a sales and marketing executive, Steve made the transition to education in 1995, first working with women going from welfare to work where he taught basic life skills. In1998, he took a position with Pegasus High School, working with kids at risk, as a science teacher. Steve got his M.A in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University in 2005 and became a lecturing professor for the University in 2006. Currently Steve teaches software application classes for The Krause Center for Innovation and RAFT. Anyone that has ever taken any of Steve’s classes has experienced his passion for education and his devotion to improving the life of his students.

Michael Simkins, Ed.D.

Michael is a part time instructor with the KCI and leads the Educational Technology for Administrative Leadership certificate program. Outside the KCI, Michael is the Consulting Director of Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL). From 1996 to 2001, Michael directed the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project, one of the original Technology Innovation Challenge Grants funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The project worked with teachers from selected districts throughout Silicon Valley to develop and implement best practices in project-based learning and the use of multimedia tools in the classroom. Michael began his career as a kindergarten teacher in Lake Tahoe and went on to teach elementary school for 15 years there and in Agoura, California. Before taking his current job, he was an elementary school principal for 9 years. He worked in the San Luis Obispo area chairing the committee that wrote his district’s first technology Master plan. His areas of interest include educational applications of technology, curriculum integration, and professional development.

Linda Ullah, Instructor

Linda Ullah currently works part time as a Support Coach for the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’s 1:1 Initiative and as an online instructor for Foothill College’s Krause Center for Innovation.   She was Teacher in Residence at the KCI from 2000-2006.  She helped develop the Earn While You Learn Institute which is now KCI’s MERIT Program. Linda has been a School Development Coach for the New Tech Network. She was one of the co-authors for  the curriculum for the Oracle Education Foundation’s Project Based Learning Institute and co-taught that institute. During the late 1990s she was a Technology Learning Coordinator for the former Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project.  Linda’s background includes teaching a variety of K-12 classes including special education, gifted and talented and Title 1 programs. Linda holds an M.Ed in Special Education from the University of Cincinnati and a M. A. in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University. She is the recipient of the Harold H. Hailer Award in Instructional Technology and the SJSU Gold Award for the College of Education.