Signing up for a FASTtech class is a three step process. 

Step One: Apply for Admission

  1. Before you register for a class, you must be admitted to Foothill College. There is no fee to apply. If you were admitted the previous quarter, skip this step and go to Step Two.
  2. Go to the Admission and Registration page on the Foothill College website.
  3. On the Admission and Registration page, click the Apply for Admission link.
  4. On the Application for Admission page, click the Begin Application for Foothill College button (bottom).
  5. If you are a new user, create your free account that will allow you to choose a username and password login. If you are a continuing user, use your username and password to login.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete your application. Make a note of your Student ID Number and PIN.

Step Two: Let Us Know Which FASTtech Classes You Want to Take

  1. Please fill out the form below, use the check marks to selection the classes you would like to attend, and click submit button.
  2. Please e-mail the KCI with questions at .
  3. Your advance registration is important to keep the class open.

Step Three: Get Officially Enrolled

  1. You will receive an email from the KCI telling you how to officially enroll  yourself into the class.
  2. Follow those directions to be officially enrolled.
  3. Log into your Foothill Portal to pay, or you will receive a bill from Foothill College for the cost of the class after you take the class.
  4. If you need to drop a class that you’re officially enrolled in, follow the steps in the email you get from the KCI.
  5. If your class is canceled after you pay the fees, you can request a refund or leave the money in your account to cover future class fees. Go to the Foothill College website for details on how to request a refund.

Current course costs: once-per-semester basic fee of ($50 – $52) + $31 per unit.