Jen Young Akimo
Bayshore Elementary School

Ms. Jen Young Akimo

4th Grade

San Francisco, California

My passion is to make a social impact through what I do on a daily basis, it is important for me to support my community through my time, efforts, and skills. The opportunity to use my creativity, organization, and drive to make a social impact is what fuels my career ambitions to continue to grow and develop as a professional in the Ed tech field. Throughout my experience as an educator, the skills I have gained have been insurmountable. Being an educator is much more than just teaching or coaching. It is about being attuned to the people around you, building relationships, knowing how to engage and be creative with content. It requires you to be constantly out of your comfort zone, to make minute to minute decisions on a daily basis, and to be flexible and adaptable. Everyday is a learning experience, a chance to reflect on the growth of the people around you and to see the value and potential in others.It is a powerful feeling and it is what I want to bring in within this company.

Instructor Alumni

  • (maker)SPACE
  • STEAM Leadership
  • Empowered
  • Chief Innovation Officer

Instructor Certificates

  • Makerspace Coordinator (associated to SPACE)
  • STEAM Instructional Leader (associated to STEAM)

Instructor Micro-Certifications

  • Adobe Creative Educator
  • Edpuzzle Certification
  • Google Educator
  • Nearpod Certified Educator
  • Seesaw Certified Educator

Instructional Levels

  • Elementary (3-5)

Speciality Content Areas

  • Design Thinking
  • Makerspace
  • SEL
  • Social Justice
  • STEAM Integration
  • Tech Integration