KCI Advisory Board

The KCI Advisory Board works in close contact with California educators to advocate for sustainable and responsive educational change.

  • Ike Adeyemi
    Clorox / Foothill Commission
    Ike Adeyemi
    Vice President - Corporate Secretary
  • Manny Barbara
    Silicon Valley Education
    Manny Barbara
    Advisor to the CEO
  • Bernadine Chuck Fong
    Foothill College
    Bernadine Chuck Fong
    Interim President
  • Zoë Conroy
    Zoë Conroy
    Senior Manager
  • Liane Freeman
    Education Advocate
    Liane Freeman
  • Lloyd Holmes
    De Anza College
    Lloyd Holmes
  • Kurt Hueg
    Foothill College
    Kurt Hueg
    Interim Vice President of Instruction
  • John Kern
    Cisco of Supply Chain Operations
    John Kern
    SVP, Supply Chain Operations
  • Gay Krause
    Krause Center for Innovation
    Gay Krause
    Executive Director
  • Ted Lempert
    Children Now
    Ted Lempert
  • Niccolina Mangroo
    Niccolina Mangroo
    Product Inclusion Lead
  • Dr. Judy Miner
    Foothill DeAnza College District
    Dr. Judy Miner
  • Rachel Okazaki
    Rachel Okazaki
    KCI Makerspace Coordinator and PT
  • Teresa Ong
    Foothill College
    Teresa Ong
    Associate VP/ Workforce CTE programs
  • Rick Rafey
    Rick Rafey
    VP of Product Strategy
  • Jeff Schmidt
    Jeff Schmidt
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Katrina Stevens
    The Tech Interactive
    Katrina Stevens
    CEO and President
  • Shelley Brown
    CASA Association
    Shelley Brown
    Vice Chair
  • Julie Cates
    Community Member/Philanthropist
    Julie Cates
  • Susan Cheu
    Foothill DeAnza College District
    Susan Cheu
    Vice Chancellor of Business Services
  • Eliane Neukermans
    Community Member/Philanthropist
    Eliane Neukermans
    Retired Educator
  • Simon Pennington
    Foothill College
    Simon Pennington
    Marketing and Communications