• Ike Adeyemi
    Senior Corporate, The Clorox Company
  • Manny Barbara
    VP, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
  • Erica Barrueto
    The Tech Interactive, Education
  • Shelley Brown
    Vice Chair, CASA Association, President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation Board
  • Julie Cates
    League of Women Voters, Partner SV2
  • Susan Cheu
    Vice Chancellor of Business Services, Foothill DeAnza College District
  • Zoe Conroy
    Senior Manager, Cisco
  • Jon Corippo
    Chief Learning Officer, CUE
  • Amit Dhir
    PWC Partner
  • Christina Espinosa-Pieb
    Interim President, De Anza
  • Bernadine Fong
    Director, Leadership Initiatives Stanford
  • Kurt Hueg
    Dean, BSS
  • John Kern
    SVP, Cisco of Supply Chain Operations
  • Gay Krause
    Executive Director, Krause Center for Innovation
  • Ted Lempert
    CEO, Children Now
  • Dan’l Lewin
    CEO, The Computer History Museum
  • Kristy Lisle
    VP, Instruction and Institutional Research, Foothill College
  • Niccolina "Coli" Clements Mangroo
    Google, Program Manager
  • Judy Miner
    Chancellor, Foothill De Anza College District
  • Eliane Neukermans
    Community Volunteer
  • Thuy Nguyen
    President, Foothill College
  • Simon Pennington
    Interim Associate VP of College and Community Relations, Marketing, and Communications, Foothill College
  • Andrew Schwab
    Learning & Innovation, Union School District
  • Marisa Spatafore
    Associate VP Communications and External Relations, De Anza College
  • Marc Suidan
    PWC Partner