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Transforming Teaching & Learning

We empower educators to bring innovative practices to their classrooms to motivate, challenge, and inspire the diverse learners and leaders of the future.

We've brought together some of the most talented and experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in the educational and corporate spheres with the goal of improving education in our communities. Our state-of-the-art facility serves as an instructional space as well as a laboratory for exploration and learning.

Over 21,000 teachers and countless students have benefitted from KCI programs

We're going "virtual" this summer!

In 2020, our popular summer professional development programs  -- MERIT, FAME, EMPowered, NGSS, and Computer Science -- will be taught in a collaborative online learning environment. We've been honing our online instruction skills in the FASTTEch classes that are already available online, and we're excited about this opportunity to make our flagship summer institutes available as well.

Consistent with our goal to model best practices for K-12 educators, we'll be using the Zoom and Google Classroom platforms to organize and host our live, interactive learning sessions, foster collaboration in cohorts, and facilitate communication with faculty.

This will enable us to maintain what we consistently hear are the best features of our programs -- top notch faculty, practical lessons, and a supportive learning community -- while overcoming restrictions that may remain during the COVID-19 crisis. This also extends the reach of our programs to California educators who could not easily commute to Los Altos.

Programs for K-14 Educators

We offer immersive summer programs and courses throughout the year at our site and online. Our classes and programs prepare teachers to use a variety of new teaching methodologies, hardware and software tools, including free web 2.0 applications, in daily instructional practice. Most programs begin with a summer intensive followed by additional activity during the school year.

We also offer Tailored Professional Development Programs (including Mini-MERIT) developed to meet school and district needs and goals.

  • Build your content knowledge and teaching skills in STEM subjects.
  • Use technology to enhance your teaching and learning.
  •  Gain confidence in your skills and ability to inspire the diverse learners and leaders of the future.


For educators, students & community members, we offer high quality and affordable training on how to use leading-edge technology for your professional development or personal use.

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Educators & Community

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“Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you're doing both at once.”
Adam Savage

Community Makerspace

For Foothill De Anza District students and staff, local area educators, homeschoolers, and the broader community

Our Makerspace is designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity and prototyping, serving as a laboratory for teaching and learning. It is open to the college and general community to work on projects and share ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

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Build a Makerspace

Interested in bringing Making to your school, library or community center?

Let us guide you through successful implementation of your Makerspace. We also offer the SPACE Makerspace Program to equip leaders and facilitators with the necessary skills and collaborative mindset to spark creativity and innovation. The program includes a Makerspace Coordinator Certificate and more.

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What's New in Education?

What's New at KCI?


NGSS, Computer Science, and Makerspace UniDIVersity programs are accepting applications > 
Applications are now closed for the MERIT, EMPowered, FAME, and (Maker)SPACE Summer 2020 cohorts.


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