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Who is KCI?

The Krause Center for Innovation is a nonprofit professional learning organization that partners with individual educators, school districts, county offices, and strategic partners to change the way educators learn. We develop responsive state certificate programs and workshops in educational technology, STEAM education, and online / blended learning. Our grant-funded Makerspace, located in Los Altos Hills on the campus of Foothill College, showcases the flexible and creative mindset of KCI’s approach to professional learning.

Student Design Thinking and Equity Projects

The Equity Deconstructed STEAM research class was launched for the 2021-2022 school year by seven Monta Vista High School educators in Fremont Union High School District. Students chose their own research topic and created their project using the Stanford d School’s Design Thinking Process, which includes conducting empathy interviews with community members and peers.

Professional Learning Designed for California Educators & Leaders Since 2000

Certificate Programs

Immersive learning experiences for educators who want to take their careers to the next level. Typically, programs start with a week of intensive learning followed by online classes and periodic group events. Certificate and college credits / CEUs.

Our Workshops

One day or short series, designed to quickly share skills you can use right away. No credits.

Our Community

Typically a few weeks long, these classes are designed especially for trained educators and requires registration at Foothill Community College. College credits / CEUs.

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I came to know about KCI it because someone accidentally sent the "wrong email" (mine). One of the best mistaken emails -because I ended up doing FAME18. And since then went on to do MERIT20, SPACE and debut OBI courses. I call myself #KCI4Life because I have found their programs so well tailored to the needs of classroom teachers. It is not the "yet another PD or program", it is designed with specific goals and throughout the program, there is feedback that is reflected upon to steer the program accordingly. I love that the programs embed technology easily, highlights what is new and trending in that area, and the programs always bring in speakers for us to actually ask questions and get deeper. The KCI space is welcoming, the faculty are hand-picked amazing, very personable and connected to one and all in the program. I love the welcome I get and I long to go back....never felt that about most PDs....
Sandhya Raman
Sandhya Raman
KCI Alumnus

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