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Design Thinking in Any Classroom

October 30, 2022

Design thinking is a term that has attracted a lot of interest. Stanford’s popularized the framework and made it a phrase that has become common in conversations that revolve around education and innovation. Greg Brown, an alumni of Stanford University and a former engineer who has worked with thousands of professionals and students around the world, is one of KCI’s experts in design thinking. In the video below, Greg explains several short and easy-to-create games that can be used in classrooms or at the home that focus on the steps of design thinking and their applications to game design.

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, KCI, along with the Tech Interactive, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, will put on a computer science workshop called, “Limitless: Computer Science in ANY Classroom” for all educators. The event will have both virtual and in-person components to it. You will hear from other educators in the Bay Area and around the state as to how they implement computer science, computational thinking, and design thinking in their classrooms to engage students in an area that currently has and will continue to have a significant need for a diverse workforce. Join us and register HERE!

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