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Digital Citizenship Goes Beyond Being Kind Online

October 22, 2021

Inspired to make an impact that fits the world of today,  Digital Citizenship Institute is taking DigCit Week and transforming it into DigCit Month — October 2021! While we have a few more days to go, there is still plenty of time to start and continue these essential conversations. The pandemic has revealed many needs including the need for understanding Digital Citizenship and the responsibility we all have to each other. Celebrate DigCit Month with sessions showcasing how to #UseTech4Good.

Each day shares a different session to model how to be Alert, Balanced, Engaged, Informed, Inclusive, and most importantly, how to make a positive IMPACT at school, home, play, and work.

This series kicks off “myth-buster style” explaining the pillars of digital citizenship while also busting some common digcit myths:

  • If I delete something online, it is gone.
  • I have to defend myself online.
  • I have to reply to people right away.
  • I have to post daily to keep my online voice.
  • I’m too young to make a difference.
  • I’m not responsible for posting fake news.
  • I can just scroll social media and be informed.
  • TikTocks and memes cannot be informative.
  • If it is on Google, it is true.
  • Alt text is not really that important.
  • One perspective creates understanding
Digital Citizenship is not one more thing to add onto the educator’s plate.

Digital Citizenship is a series of skill sets that can be embedded into any content. These same skill sets can be embedded into class and home routines because navigating our digital world is not bound to one classroom. 

The event offers many inspiring sessions including: Building Community through Geocaching, Platform to Play – Jess Amato, Rock Your Differences: Using Strum & The Wild Turkeys to Promote SEL & Well Being in Your Classroom, Noa Daniel; Virtual Calming Rooms, Tech Care Twins – Amy Storer and Dyann Wilson; Ciudadanía Digital y Salud Mental, Jenny Baeza, Hans Díaz, and many more. Sessions will drop daily at 1 PM EST. Catch all the sessions on Beluga at If you miss any, you can come back anytime. Engage when you can at #DigCitSummit.

Let’s inspire each other to make digital citizenship a verb, something we put into action to solve real problems in our local, global, and digital communities.

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