Fall 2021 - Winter 2022 PD Catalog

Take Your Professional Learning to the Next Level!

You have grown so much this year, and now's the time to celebrate and enjoy the benefits of your learning. Choose from our wide selection of cohort-based professional learning workshops, certificate programs, and boot camps all while earning credits and units that can advance your career.

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What makes KCI professional learning so special?


Enjoy the benefits of moving through modules and programs with a small group of like-minded educators sharing your passions and interests.

State Certificates

Several of the KCI Programs results in CA State Certificates in specialty areas like Makerspace Coordination, Online & Blended Instruction, and Innovative Leadership.

Expert Instructors

Educators throughout the state gather to share they experiences, resources, and passions with true empathy and respect for equity and access for all learners.

Personal Pathways

Choose the areas of learning you want to know most about and create the program experience you've always wanted.

Flexible Pace

We know that life happens to even the best planners. Relax knowing that your instructors operate with flexibility and understanding.

Online & Blended

Experience your program from the comfort of your own learning space. We aim to provide options that empower learners with choice.