Cybersecurity Grant

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KCI will provide three workshops on Cybersecurity and its application to core subjects taught in middle and high school.

The StepUP Coalition team will develop and deliver the Cybersecurity Career Awareness Project (C-CAP) for 6-12th grade teachers and students at low-income schools. The project will cover three main phases – curriculum, teacher training, and a cybersecurity learning community.

  1. Cybersecurity Curriculum. Our curriculum development methodology combines the work of practicing teachers, industry partners, and academic advisors. A pool of middle and high school teachers with backgrounds in teaching technology subjects and cybersecurity topics will build out our preliminary outline and sample activities. They’ll ensure all materials are classroom ready and meet statewide and DoDEA instructional standards with guidance, ideas, and feedback from a group of cybersecurity industry, academic, and naval experts.
  2. Cybersecurity Teacher Training. To effectively scale the new ONR C-CAP cybersecurity curriculum, a robust teacher training step is critical.
    1. Classroom coaching delivered by Science from Scientists (SfS). To deliver the middle school cyber security curriculum, a group of 6-10 teachers from the 6th-8th grades at underserved schools in the Bay Area will work with SfS instructors. Throughout the academic year, each teacher gets coaching, in-class support, and help adding hands-on cybersecurity experiments and activities to their lesson plans.
    2. A three-day workshop delivered by the Krause Center for Innovation (KCI). 20-30 teachers per year from underserved schools will attend an Introduction to Cybersecurity workshop. Workshops are taught by community college instructors with guest speakers from the Navy, industry, and academia and are recorded for future reuse and repackaging.
    3. Cybersecurity work experiences for teachers delivered by Ignited. Teaches will have the opportunity to complete a paid 8-week summer project with hands-on cybersecurity learning experiences. These experiences will be either virtual/remote or in person at military-connected institutions or with companies that are heavy users of cybersecurity technologies and applications.
  3. Cybersecurity Learning Community (CLC). The third main element of the ONR C-CAP project is to keep teachers connected and learning more about cybersecurity topics and careers. As a key step after the introductory workshop, the StepUP Coalition team will form and run an ongoing Cybersecurity Learning Community. We’ll enlist community members from workshop attendees as a starting point and then add members from the summer experiences and the Science From Scientists classroom coaching sessions.

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