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KCI will provide three 10-month makerspace programs that will focus on physical computing and circuitry to highlight topics that will increase interest and understanding of industries such as semiconductors.

The pre-apprenticeship pipeline work will address the industry’s need to expand and diversify its talent pool by pursuing three main objectives: 1) Building a pool of qualified SCAN candidates from diverse, previously untapped populations, 2) Helping middle and high school students gain more industry awareness, career understanding, and skills, and 3) Strengthening connections between Title 1 schools, companies, and the diverse groups of employees working in the industry.

Objective 1.1: Build a DAS-registered statewide pre-apprenticeship program for the semiconductor industry in 2022 that creates a pool of qualified SCAN candidates from diverse, previously untapped, populations

Objective 1.2: The recruiting process for the pre-apprenticeship pipeline will consist of a strong set of communication, outreach, and relationship building activities with schools, teachers, students, and parents. Initially, students have to be aware that the SCAN program exists, the benefits of it, and that they have the opportunity to enroll. Direct marketing materials that generate student interest will be an early activity completed by the team.

Objective 2.1: A solid set of rewards will be granted to students as they complete milestones in the pre-apprentice pipeline program. The Foothill College team will focus on dual credit activities for courses developed as part of the high school segment. Using existing processes and templates from other certificates and degrees, this is something the team has expertise in completing.

Objective 2.2: Develop company and career profiles that change perceptions of the industry and can be shared with teachers, career counselors, and students.

Objective 3.1: Figuring out the best way to engage company professionals and bring them into classrooms is one of the best ways to recruit pre-apprentices and eventually apprentices.

Objective 3.2: Ensure career profiles and regular outreach to students includes representation from female and diverse groups of professionals from across the industry.

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