Elisabeth_Bonnet_headshot - Elisabeth B
CSMA enployee, PAUSD & SJMA volunteer

Elisabeth Bonnet

Art teacher & Art docent

An advanced degree graduate in Applied Mathematics and in Linguistics from La Sorbonne-France, Elisabeth’ s Encore Career focuses on STEAM, Art and Art History. For the last twelve years, Elisabeth has led art and art history workshops in local schools. “We are all consumers of an ever more visual communication oriented society. We can also be creators!! My goal is to empower students in creating their visual stories by experimenting with a variety of media and techniques. Teaching art gives me an opportunity to trigger students’ curiosity about themselves and others through art appreciation. At the end of class, I see students taking pride in showcasing the stories they produced. With our daily exposure to visual communication increasing, it is critical to mindfully train students’ visual thinking eye! I trust that visual literacy and multicultural aesthetics exposure foster individual and collective values and agency. It contributes to building a more inclusive society.”