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Chemistry Faculty | Foothill College

Robert D. Cormia


Robert Cormia is a full-time faculty member at Foothill College, where he teaches chemistry, participates in STEM projects, and additionally assists the Apprentice program to develop Semiconductor curriculum. Robert has developed bioinformatics and nanoscience programs at Foothill College, including a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a multiyear project for technician training. His prior industry experience includes chemical and pharmaceutical analysis, materials analysis and problem solving, and is proficient in electron and x-ray spectroscopy, electron and atomic force microscopy. Robert is a technical advisor to a firm developing a novel nanocarbon material, and additionally to a start-up in Direct Air Capture (DAC) and is a co-inventor on US/INTL patent “Methods of Carbon Capture”. He also assists FHDA-CCD in energy analysis, GHG reporting, and developing strategies for decarbonization.

Instructional Levels

  • Higher Ed