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Capuchino High School / San Mateo Union High School District

Stacy Kratochvil

Teacher and Instructional Technology Coordinator

Stacy is a passionate teacher, Instructional Coach, and Instructional Technology Coordinator at Capuchino H.S. in San Bruno. She holds a Master’s in Education, a CA EdTech Specialist certificate from KCI’s MERIT program (#MERIT21) and is currently enrolled in the STEAM Leadership program (#STEAM24). Stacy creatively merges tech and physical education, crafting fun, tech-driven fitness experiences that boost student involvement and success. When not orchestrating her three young kids’ daily adventures, Stacy often asks Alexa for a bit of peace and quiet! She’s a mom, wife, crafter, IB educator, equity seeker, inquirer, creator and AI power user. If you see her losing “steam” in the afternoon it’s likely because she needs a Coca-Cola pick-me-up. Even better if it’s a Cherry Coke! ?

Instructional Levels

  • Teacher Ed