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KCI Conducts Three Summer Math Programs

October 10, 2019

KCI tripled down on math professional learning programs for educators this summer, with programs geared for 4th-5thgrade teachers, 6th-10thgrade teachers, and a new audience of preservice teachers, earning teaching credentials at San Jose State University.

First up, the EMPowered program took place July 12-19, led by experienced math teachers Cristina Bustamante (KCI’s math programs director) and Sabrina McDaniel. This six-day, blended learning program focuses on providing 4th-5thgrade teachers with deeper content knowledge of mathematics, as well as hands-on projects and tools to engage students in math learning. Most elementary teachers are not credentialed in math. EMPowered provides the support and resources they need, based on the Eight 

Mathematical Practices and computer and web technologies to engage and motivate learners. Teacherstackle algebraic reasoning, number concepts(including fractions), measurements and data, and introductory geometry concepts. One teacher stated, “I valued the ability to have open and honest discussions about math, and the limitless resources I now have at my fingertips to support my students.” Another appreciated the hands-on activities and stated, “by struggling ourselves and realizing what we learned, it allows us to see math from our students’ perspectives.” Participants will be returning for four follow-up, day-long sessions during the school year and will complete in March. 

Focused on 6th-10thgrade math teachers, The Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence (FAME) occurred July 22-26. In its tenth year, FAME is designed to increase teacher content knowledge and teaching skills in key pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry concepts. Instructors Ed Campos and Cristina Bustamante led the cohort through exploring ratios and proportional reasoning, expressions and equations, algebraic functions, and transformationalgeometry concepts that are the most difficult to teach and for students to learn. During the program, teachers are treated as students with a focus on patient problem solving. They then have in depth debriefs after activities to discuss the math learning and the pedagogy so they can integrate these activities into their own classrooms. One teacher noted, “I gained such a variety of lessons, resources, and technology tools that I can use with my students. I also value the connections made with my cohort and the instructors.” Similar to EMPowered, the FAME cohort will attend four follow-up sessions during the year to share their experiences and tackle additional math topics. 

KCI’s third math summer institute was in partnership with San Jose State University and was geared to teacher candidates working toward their credentials. Based on FAME, Ed Campos and Jeremiah Ruesch team taught the cohort over the course of a month with 32 hours of face-to-face instruction and 8 hours of online assignments. The program focused on creating an inquiry-based, student-centered math class, that engages students in the Eight Standardsfor Mathematical Practice. The programalso promoted instructional technologyto support student-centered teaching and learning. Topics covered included number sense, algebra, geometry, and stats/probability, which introduced participants to the Single Subject Math CSET Subtest I and II topics. 

The program was geared to credential candidates who want to become elementary school teachers, as well as those interested in teaching middle school math. Feedback on the program was positive, and KCI and SJSU are discussing plans to offer the program in summer of 2020.

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