Tailored Professional Development

Based on the KCI’s expertise in providing high quality professional development programs, schools and districts are increasingly engaging the KCI to provide training specifically tailored to a school or district’s needs.

The goal of these programs is to prepare teachers to implement 21st century skills into daily instructional practice through an intensive process of learning how to implement new teaching methodologies, which meet current educational standards.

KCI also specializes in training teachers on a  variety of hardware and software tools, including free web 2.0 applications that engage students and support student-centered learning. These engagements take many forms and vary in length, depending on the needs and goals of the schools and districts.


KCI Transform: 5 days

Five 6-hour days of completely customizable professional development. Focus on a specific area of growth for educators, such as Google Certification, NGSS or a CS Crash Course. Or take a holistic look at Transforming Math Practices, or Integrating Technology with the 4 Cs.

KCI Engage: 3 days

Three 6-hour days of professional development focusing on emerging topics in pedagogy and technology. Ten unique programs to bridge the gap between theory and practice to amplify your district/school goals.

KCI Focus: 1 day

One 6-hour day of professional development with a focus on specific topics that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Twenty unique programs that address everything from Design Thinking to Teacher Self-Care. KCI Focus is a great mid-year follow up to a KCI Transform or Engage, or an introduction to KCI Professional Development.

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I came into this program knowing NOTHING about what to expect, and was blown away every day with how professional the climate was, and how comfortable the work environment was.


This surpassed any training I have received and armed me with a sense of purpose, willingness and emerging competence.


Mini-Merit was excellent. The instructors made modifications to meet the participants’ needs. I like how we were given choices to pursue learning about specific apps or tools–an effective way to meet everyone’s needs.


I had a great time learning from not just the instructors but also my peers! They each bring their own knowledge and background! I appreciate the time that we were given to work with each other and to learn from each other.


THIS WAS AWESOME! I came home totally excited and exhausted from all the intense thinking. I can only hope my kids are this excited at the end of the school day!


I am very pleased with how the week has gone and wish to tell you how much I appreciate the effort that all the instructors put into their lessons. They are all rock stars in my mind. They have high energy, a “can do” attitude, and lots of positive energy.