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What is the (maker)SPACE Program?

The (maker)SPACE—Supporting Prototyping And Creativity in Education—program is designed for people who are interested in honing their maker skills and are seeking employment in fabrication laboratories and makerspaces within community centers, libraries, and educational settings. The program provides instruction and support for building models and prototypes, strategies to spark innovation and invention, and creative problem-solving and collaboration.

Participants will learn how to use all of the essential tools of a Makerspace, including 3D Printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC machines, electronics, and hand/power tools. With the included starter pack of materials and a yearlong membership to the Makerspace, participants will have plenty of opportunities to practice new skills and will enjoy access to ongoing support from a dedicated and skilled staff.

As part of the program, participants will complete all of the courses required to earn the Makerspace Coordinator Certificate. This certificate— currently the only one in California that is state-approved—is ideal for classified and certificated personnel at school sites, community center volunteers and employees, librarians and assistants, and anyone interested in becoming a creative and collaborative member of a makerspace.

See the information below for upcoming registration dates, program information, and frequently-asked-questions.

UniDiversity Makerspace Certificate Class

What’s Included in the Program Cost?

  • All of the (ten) courses required for the Makerspace Coordinator Certificate, including registration and enrollment fees, parking fees, and unit fees (approximately $800 value)
  • A one-year full-access membership to the Makerspace ($1400 value), including access to all equipment, specialized trainings, and on-demand staff support, along with members-only events and discounts
  • A materials starter pack (approximately $150 value), which includes all of the materials that you need to get started on various maker projects.
  • Nine to twelve full days of face-to-face instruction, which includes hands-on design-oriented activities and basic training on all major makerspace machines
  • Access to instructors and guest lecturers who are experts in their fields and have direct experience with Makerspace coordination
  • A cohort of dedicated and creative peers to provide ongoing support, idea and resource sharing, and a strong maker community

 Total Program Value




Great Value - Save $1000!

Program Courses

LINC75A - Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology, 3 units

LINC 77A - Design Thinking Process, 2 units

LINC77B - Design Thinking and Tinkering, 2 units

LINC78A - Computational Thinking for Educators, 2 units

LINC 73H - Adobe Illustrator Overview, 1 unit

LINC78C - Project Based Technology Projects, 2 units

LINC84A - 3D Design Process, 2 units

LINC 58A - E-Portfolio, 1 unit

LINC 78B: Block-based programming, 2 units

LINC 57: Designing Learner-Centered Instruction, 1 unit

unidiversity copy

When you look at Makerspaces and the experts in the spaces, often, they lack diversity.

We, at the Krause Center for Innovation, would like to see a diverse workforce in these creative and collaborative work spaces.

Let's bring diversity to the makerspaces of the nation.

The Cisco UniDIVersity sponsorship is open to residents of California who are women, especially women of color, women who have served in the military, and women with special needs (i.e., learning or physical disabilities).

This sponsorship is for the ten-month (maker)SPACE program, with nine live training days. The rest of the instruction takes place asynchronously via an online learning platform.

The only cost to you is a non-refundable $75 registration fee. You will receive training and a total of 18 quarter units from Foothill College through this program; program costs to participants are covered by a generous scholarship from Cisco.

Application link is at the top of this page. Applications for the summer cohort close June 28th.

Program Structure

  • One Week Intensive Summer Program:  July 27 through August 1, 2020.
  • Four follow-up courses: one Saturday in October, November, February, and March.

Thank you for offering the program and providing us with the resources to get hands-on experience. Your lab helpers should be commended on their expertise and patience with dealing with all our questions. They should get a raise or at the least ice cream!


I came very excited about learning more about Makerspaces and becoming a coordinator, and I have left feeling just as excited and more confident. Thank you for a great program.


All leaders were welcoming to students, supportive of ideas, easily approachable, and showed genuine interest and passion in the makerspace.


All the KCI instructors were supportive, encouraging and approachable. They helped steer my projects so that I would both learn and stretch my abilities/confidence.


Another amazing aspect of attending this program is getting to know more educators. It was nice having the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm possible activities.

Frequently Asked Questions