Makerspace Classes & Training


Current Training Offered to Members

  • New Member Orientation: Before you start using the Makerspace, you are required to attend a new member orientation. You'll get a tour of the space and the opportunities it supports, learn about safety requirements and how to login and logout, and sign some forms. Once you have done this orientation, you will be able to use the space. Sign up.
  • Universal Laser Cutter: Learn how to use our 60 watt Universal Laser Cutter. The training covers how to set up etching and cuts in image software, how to send files to the cutter, how to use the cutter safely and which materials are allowed to be cut. It doesn't cover how to make files with image software (such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inkscape.) Sign up.
  • Dremel 3D Printer: Learn how to use the Dremel 3D45 3D Printer.  The Dremels are reliable, easy to use 3D printers. The training covers how to use the associated software to prepare models for printing and the basics of how to operate the machine. It mentions different kinds of 3D design software but does not cover 3D design in any detail. Sign up.
  • Zing Orbit Die Cutter: Learn how to use the Zing Orbit Die Cutter. The Zing Orbit is a industry quality cutter that can be used on vinyl, basal wood, paper, mylar and chipboard. This training covers how to use the free online Zing Orbit software and how to run print jobs on the Zing. Sign up.
  • Cricut: Learn to use the Cricut, a craft-focused die cutting tool, which can cut, write  and emboss and score various materials including vinyl, basal wood, fabric and more. You will also learn about our industrial quality heat press machine, which allows you to fuse vinyl to other materials such as fabric to make your own t-shirt designs and more. Sign up.
  • Carvey: Learn to use the Carvey, a tabletop 3D carving machine that can cut wood, metal and more. You will learn how to create designs using the Carvey software and run jobs on the machines. Sign up.
  • Soldering Circuits: Learn the basics of soldering a circuit including how to make a good connections between components, solder properly and use heat shrink. Sign up.
  • Sewing: Learn the basics of sewing with a machine including threading needles, creating bobbins of thread, basic sewing, and embroidery. Sign up.
  • Makerbot 3D printer: Learn how to use the Makerbot 3D Printer, a 3D printer commonly found in schools and libraries. The training covers how to use the associated software to prepare models for printing and the basics of how to operate the machine. Sign up.
  • Physical Computing: Get introduced to the various physical computing platforms that the KCI Makerspace offers including Makey Makey, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Wedo, Microbit and more. Over time we will be adding deeper introductions to these platforms. Sign up.
  • Hand Tools: Learn some basics of how to design and safely build with wood. Using a hand saw, mitre box, hammer, sanding blocks, electric drill, screws and nails, you will come out of the training having built a wooden box, which is foundational knowledge of woodworking .  The training covers how to design for different size and thicknesses of wood and which fasteners to use with different wood types. Wood gluing and clamping is not covered. Sign up.
  • Electric Tools: Learn how to use workstation-based Dremel rotary tools, electric saws and sanders. Training coming soon.