Team Building

Hold your Next Offsite at the Krause Center for Innovation

Experience our State-of-the-Art Makerspace

Spend a morning or afternoon learning about design thinking, solving problems using state-of-the-art makerspace tools, and engaging in playful competition with teammates at the Krause Center for Innovation. A catered lunch is available for your team to enjoy in this scenic setting in the hills above Silicon Valley.

During your offsite, your team will have full access to the dozens of tools and materials in our Makerspace, including 3D printers, routers for sophisticated laser cutting and etching, computers that include software tools for beginners or advanced designers, and a rich variety of other tools.

“This was the first time in months that I totally ignored my phone for over three hours.”

Practice Design Thinking

Working in small teams, participants will design and prototype solutions to real life problems. Following design thinking best practices, they’ll collaborate using a combination of computer design tools, hardware products such as printers and cutters, and an array of traditional DIY tools.

Strengthen Your Team as they Play, Design, and Learn Together

Along the way, team members discover their creative ability, work with colleagues in new ways, and have a fun-filled time in this beautifully designed facility. KCI staff members lend technical expertise and manage the complete process from beginning to end.

Learn from Leaders in Professional Development

KCI has championed curriculum innovation and supported educator best practices for two decades. We set the gold standard for professional development training that implements new teaching methodologies and use of technologies in the classroom. We are certified to train people to receive the Makerspace Certificate awarded by the State of California.


Book an Offsite for your Team

Over half of KCI’s funding is supported by grants and donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses. Your offsite fee goes directly to support the continued use of its makerspace as a professional development workshop and a site where individuals can turn their designs into products.

Team Size: up to 30 people per session

Rates & Booking:
Contact Liane Freeman, ude.adhfnull@enailnameerf or call (650) 949-7180; rates include a 3-hour session; catered lunch available for an additional fee.