Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence

Mathematics Made Relevant

The FAME program is designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge and teaching skills in key pre-algebra, algebra, and transformational geometry concepts in grades 6-10. FAME promotes and encourages the use of technology in instruction to support mathematics teaching and learning and is Common Core aligned, giving teachers added skills in implementing the Common Core State Standards.

About The Program

FAME 2010 Teachers outside doing an "Algebra Walk"The FAME program consists of a two-week summer institute at Foothill College and four follow-up sessions during the academic year. In the 10-day summer institute, teachers explore algebra, pre-algebra, and transformational geometry concepts with an emphasis on topics that students often find challenging to learn while learning how to use computer and Internet technologies (e.g., GeoGebra, spreadsheet software, and virtual manipulatives) to support teaching and learning middle school math. Blended FAME is the hybrid version of the program, with 5 in person days and 30 hours of online instruction.

The academic year program includes four follow-on sessions, each 4-hours, that are designed to help implement instructional changes, build a professional learning community, and address additional math content and technology topics.


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