FAME's immersive experience for the Summer 2020 cohort will be online. No travel required!

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Mathematics Made Relevant

A BLENDED Professional Learning Program for Math Teachers Grades 6 - 12

Do you want to...

  • deepen your understanding of the Eight Mathematical Practices?
  • learn additional strategies for teaching mathematics?
  • use computer and web technologies in math instruction to engage and motivate learners?
  • deepen your Common Core Understanding?

The FAME program is designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge and teaching skills in key pre-algebra, algebra, and transformational geometry concepts in grades 6-12. FAME also promotes and encourages the use of technology in instruction to support mathematics teaching and learning and is Common Core aligned, giving teachers added skills in implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Teachers will explore ratios and proportional reasoning, expressions and equations, algebraic functions and transformational geometry concepts with an emphasis on topics that students often find challenging to master while also learning how to integrate computer and Internet technologies (e.g., GeoGebra, spreadsheet software, and virtual manipulatives) to support teaching and learning.

teacher engaged in FAME project

In my 37 years of teaching math, this is the best professional development course I’ve taken. The hands-on strategies and the technology tools have changed the way I think about how to teach math.


I would want ALL teachers to participate in FAME. It takes exposure to good professional development to get many teachers to change their teaching practices. Once teachers from the same school site have taken valuable PD, they are more likely to collaborate together.


FAME was the best professional development program that I have been to! The instructors did a wonderful job modeling, presenting, and giving us time to work with and practice great math!


I liked that specific activities to address key concepts were shown, so I actually had concrete things to take directly back to the classroom. All the sharing of resources was also extremely valuable.


As a result of FAME, I put more emphasis on providing time for students to talk about the math concepts, both in small groups and whole class. I allow students to share different strategies that have worked for them and try to have students explain concepts they understand, rather than me always explaining.


This was the best professional training I have attended. The faculty and the support staff were extremely helpful and made the whole program fun.


The FAME program consists of an orientation in the spring, and a summer institute comprised of five days of synchronous, live online instruction. FAME continues with four follow-on sessions during the academic year. The program is conducted fully online, no travel required.

During the Summer Intensive dates, it is expected that participants will be available for synchronous, live instruction. It will be instructor-facilitated and will range from participant presentations to whole-class or small group discussion. Otherwise, it will be expected that participants engage in asynchronous group or individual work to complete the requirements of the program.

Additionally, to further your learning, the program requires an additional two-units of LINC courses  at Foothill College (online or in-person). The program includes four follow-up sessions during the academic year (typically on Saturdays) that are designed to help implement instructional changes, build a professional learning community, and address additional math content and technology topics.

Spring Orientation


Pre-work will be provided by June 26th, 2020.

Summer Intensive


JULY 27 - 31, 2020

5 days of synchronous, in-person online instruction

Summer Online


24 additional hours online learning required during the summer

Follow Up Sessions


usually a Saturday in October, November, February, and March

Additional Units

SUMMER 2020, FALL 2020, OR WINTER 2021

two units required, your choice of Foothill College courses