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Re:Skill — A Workforce Partnership

May 27, 2021

Free Help for Workers Displaced During the Pandemic

Working in conjunction with the Foothill College Strong Workforce program and the NOVAWorks Job Center of Silicon Valley, the KCI has developed the new Re:Skill Program. Intended to help workers who have been displaced due to the upheavals of the COVID-19 pandemic, Re:Skill provides essential workplace technology skills to adults through a free non-credit course. While the current content focuses on Google Workspace applications such as Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets, the instructional team is continuously working to expand offerings to include integrated application projects like Event Planning and Project Management, as well as job-ready skills such as interviewing techniques and meeting etiquette.

Flexible Learning Schedule

The Re:Skill program was designed with the needs of participants at the forefront. Students can join at any time and can choose which programs and skills they want to pursue mastery in. All program coursework is online and asynchronous so that students can attend wherever and whenever works best for their schedules. This does not mean that students are on their own, however! The KCI has brought to bear its formidable expertise in adult learning and instructional design to ensure that Re:Skill students have both freedom and support. Drop-in office hours for 1:1 assistance and targeted skills workshops are offered several times each week so that all participants get exactly the help that they need, when they need it.

Building Demonstrable Skills

As participants progress through the program, they will both develop useful artifacts to demonstrate their skills, and also receive official recognition of their accomplishments. Completion of each module earns a badge, and completion of a pathway earns a certification in that skill. Both badges and certifications can easily be shared on social media, printed as certificates, and added to LinkedIn profiles. The instructional team uses authentic assessment to ensure that students are demonstrating competency by asking them to design unique and useful products, such as a resume or a portfolio website. Ensuring that all work is meaningful is a core tenet of the program.

The Re:Skill program is open to all, and completely free. To get more information and get started, please check out the information page on Foothill’s website and submit an interest form.

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