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A Message From the KCI

January 11, 2021

On behalf of my colleagues at the KCI, I want to share a few thoughts regarding the events of at the U.S. Capitol this week.

This past Wednesday, we witnessed an assault on our democracy.  We want to acknowledge the fear and uncertainty many of us felt when the U.S. Capitol was invaded.  But democracy prevailed today and the election of our next President and Vice President were certified. 

We as non-profits are optimistic that we can be a place where people can work together despite our differences.  Thank you for the important work we’re all doing to support those in need to build a stronger future. 

Classroom instructors (K-16) have the difficult task this week of helping their students make sense of what happened at the Capitol yesterday.  How should instructors address the emotions so that students continue learning especially in an environment already disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis?  Even students who haven’t followed the news may absorb the stress of their parents or teachers.  We need to listen and reflect with our youth as well as with our adults.

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