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Fall Celebration with Friends

October 4, 2023

A Warm Welcome and a Heartfelt Goodbye 

Leadership Change at Foothill De-Anza Community College District


Gay & Bill Krause

On a cool autumn night, the Krause family hosted a beautiful fall celebration with friends of the Foothill De-Anza Community College District. The gathering was to welcome the new Chancellor, Lee Lambert, and to extend a sincere appreciation and farewell to the former Chancellor, Judy Minor.

Judy Miner, the former Chancellor of Foothill De-Anza (FHDA), concluded her eight-year tenure and marked her 35th year with the district in September. Under her leadership, the “reimagine” FHDA initiative was launched, emphasizing a student-first philosophy and prioritizing equity in leadership choices. Even in retirement, Miner remains active in local community college leadership roles and serves on the Silicon Valley Community Foundation board. Additionally, she is a faculty member at UC Berkeley’s Executive Leadership Academy under the Center for Studies in Higher Education.

Former Chancellor Judy Miner, Foothill President Kristina Whalen, Mia Lambert, Chancellor Lambert, and Ellen McCain

Chancellor Lee Lambert joined FHDA as the eighth permanent chancellor since the district’s founding in 1957 on August  1, 2023. He is a transformative leader with an impressive record of accomplishments with Pima Community College in Arizona. We were excited to welcome Chancellor Lambert and his wife, Mia, during this festive evening.

Gay Krause, Chancellor Lambert, and Mia Lambert




The gathering was memorable, highlighted by speeches from former Chancellor Judy Miner, who graciously welcomed the new Chancellor, Lee Lambert. In turn, Chancellor Lambert unveiled his vision for the district, emphasizing inclusivity and innovation. He aims to boost enrollment and foster an environment of exceptional learning.

It was a night of coming together, celebrating the leadership, and showcasing the incredible things we can achieve through friendship and the awesome environment of Foothill De-Anza Community College.

Bill & Gay Krause w/ Foothill College’s President Whalen and Mia Lambert

Group Photo

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