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Inspire your colleagues by effectively sharing your innovative ideas

February 23, 2021

What is it that makes learning memorable and effective? For years, we at the KCI’s MERIT program have helped teachers explore technology’s potential for strengthening teaching and learning. Now, we’re asking another question:

What is it that allows a teacher to inspire colleagues, helping them see new paths for their students and themselves?

With Emerging Leaders in Learning Innovation, our goal is to allow educators with leadership potential who want to stay directly connected with the classroom experience to also launch projects with broader impact and inspire their community in powerful ways. 

Learn to:

  • identify and apply strong academic research in education and best practices
  • present in compelling ways
  • share their expertise and results with school, district, and county-level leaders

You can call it ELLI (pronounced like the girl’s name, “Ellie”), and you are very welcome to contact me or Justin Sewell, Director of Programs and Partnerships at KCI, about this new KCI program. 

Learn from a recognized leader 

My name is Rushton Hurley, and I ran the MERIT program for four years, including last year, when we revamped it to help teachers support students and learning through distance instruction. I am a former teacher and principal, I’ve trained teachers and school leaders around the world, and I have written three books on teaching and school improvement.

The chance to help dynamic teachers design and implement projects that can inspire and transform their communities is one I welcome, and I hope you’ll reach out to share ideas on how we can take the KCI’s educational service to new levels!

Find out if the ELLI program is for you:  

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