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KCI Team’s Insights from CUE 2024 in Palm Springs

March 29, 2024

The KCI team recently soaked up the sunshine and innovation at the CUE conference in Palm Springs! While we immersed ourselves in networking and explored a variety of EdTech themes at the conference, we’re particularly keen to spotlight AI’s transformative impact on educators and students and share a few tools that we learned about.

AI in Education

We learned that educators are increasingly turning to AI to enhance their teaching practices, harness its capability to automate administrative tasks and leverage it to personalize learning and assessments for students. 

Saving time was a key motivator for many educators to use AI tools.

Educators are increasingly leveraging AI tools to enhance both teaching and learning experiences. These tools support personalized learning by adjusting the content to meet the unique needs and learning paces of individual students, thereby facilitating a more tailored educational experience. AI-driven platforms can provide instant feedback on students’ work, enabling educators to identify areas where students struggle and offer targeted support. Furthermore, AI can automate administrative tasks, such as grading and attendance tracking, allowing teachers to dedicate more time to instructional activities and student engagement. AI-powered analytics can help educators monitor student progress and adapt their teaching strategies accordingly. By integrating AI into the classroom, educators are not only improving educational outcomes but also preparing students for a future where digital literacy and interaction with AI will be integral.

Some key takeaways discussed at the conference were:

  • Enhancing the quality and personalization of student  learning 
  • Analyzing vast amounts of data
  • Identifying learning gaps and providing strategies to meet student needs
  • Equity and Access
  • Streamlining the work

Want to Learn More?

Sign up for our Programs or a Summer Workshop to dive deeper into AI and innovative tools.

Our MERIT and STEAM Leadership Programs will incorporate AI tools and strategies throughout. Plus, explore our Summer Workshop series for insights on AI and other innovative concepts.

Resources Discussed at CUE 2024:

  • CA State PORTS Program – online resources for educators and students.
  • Use your email as your assistant and save you time and stress. There are lots of tips and tricks for creating better email practices. Don’t see your service provider? Search “Tips for X email service.” Here are a few articles to support you:
  • Common Sense Media’s Classroom Tools reviews.
  • Khanmigo – An AI learning tool for educators. Fee $4/month
  • MagicSchool – A platform to support educators with support for lesson planning, training, report cards, and more. Free for Teachers
  • Bing Image Creator – Type in a description of the image and images will appear. Free – a limited amount of images.
  • PIctory – Create engaging videos using AI technology and even add your own voiceover! Free for 3 project per month. 
  • Canva Classroom Magic—A free suite of AI tools for educators that includes design, a tool to create visual content, and a text generator.

CUE 2024 in Palm Springs was an enlightening experience for the KCI team, offering a glimpse into the future of education technology. The conference served as a vivid reminder of the power of innovation to transform learning, making it more engaging, personalized, and collaborative. As we reflect on the insights gained from interactive learning environments, data-driven instructional strategies, and collaborative platforms, it’s clear that the landscape of education is evolving in exciting ways. The KCI team is inspired to integrate these trends into our work, contributing to the advancement of education for all. 

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