(MERIT: Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology)

Paving A New Path for Educators

The MERIT program is the KCI’s premier technology-focused professional development program. MERIT is a research-based, educator development program designed to help teachers bolster their curriculum with technology-enhanced learning activities to motivate, challenge and inspire the diverse learners and leaders of the future.

MERIT is a year-long program that starts each spring, includes a two-week intensive summer institute, and continues with follow-up classes in the fall and winter quarters.

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Video Overview of the MERIT Program

Research Centered

The MERIT Program seeks to show through qualitative and quantitative measures that engaging technology in the hands of a well-trained teacher can improve student learning. Participants have the opportunity to learn to use and contribute to a variety of resources for collaboration, and are required to design projects not simply to provide dynamic learning experiences for their students, but also create open educational resources that will be of value to other teachers and students near and far.

Out of The Past, Into The Future

Participants are diverse and range in age and experience with technology. While the program is open to teachers of a variety of disciplines, the program includes a special focus on math and science, where there is a significant need in so many schools to help students develop confidence in and excitement for their future possibilities with these subjects. In helping to make learning and teaching more dynamic, MERIT is working to bring education out of the past and into the future.

Requirements and Application

Northern California public school educators are highly encouraged to apply for a place in MERIT. The MERIT program also accepts private and charter school applicants, as well as applicants from all over California. (California teachers should be California residents for at least 12 months prior to the May orientation to receive units and stipend.) International applicants are encouraged to apply. All participants must provide their own housing and travel.

Applications will be accepted 11/26/18 through 1/26/19. We encourage all interested teachers to submit their applications as early as possible. Applications are due no later than January 26, 2019 by 11:59pm .

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required for all applicants, due 2/3/2019

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