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Spring 2019 Message from the Executive Director

May 6, 2019

KCI continues to provide exceptional professional learning programs for educators in Silicon Valley, as well as other communities in California and Hawaii. A highly motivated, well-trained teacher will positively impact upwards of 3,000 students throughout his or her career.

We are planning for another busy summer and fall, and anticipate conducting all of our major programs. We are also interviewing candidates for the director of KCI Partnerships and Programs to further strengthen our capabilities to grow our programs and impact. We are thrilled to have launched a new program for corporate team building to provide incremental revenue to support the makerspace and our professional learning programs.

Given that Foothill and De Anza Colleges have experienced declining enrollment over the past couple of years, resulting in budget cuts for all campus programs including KCI, we need all of the support we can get from new revenue opportunities and especially donors. The training educators receive at the KCI to better serve and engage students is the best possible return on all of our investments.

Warm regards,
L. Gay Krause


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