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Supporting Prototyping and Creativity in Education with KCI

April 22, 2022

Let’s face it: this has been an incredibly difficult year for educators. Constantly shifting policies, complex working conditions, and a demand to “return to normal” with a student population that is neither academically nor emotionally prepared is causing even the most dedicated teachers to consider throwing in the towel.

As we try to survive these final few months of the school year, the promise of a summer escape from all things education may be the only glimmer of hope at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Summer provides us with a chance to rest, recharge, and take much-needed time for ourselves before we throw ourselves back into the chaos of a new crop of students and a new set of demands and expectations..

In circumstances like these, giving up precious summer break time for professional development may seem like a terrible idea. However, the right kind of professional development could actually be exactly what is needed to renew both our energy levels and our faith in humanity. KCI’s SPACE (Supporting Prototyping and Creativity in Education) Program is centered around building hope and resilience through play and creativity. It’s not so much a professional learning program as it is a maker-based summer camp, where educators can connect, create, and experience the pure fun of making.

From stickers to soldering, from robotics to Rube Goldberg, KCI’s SPACE Program is designed to move educators towards hands-on, collaborative, and playful experiences that reignite the joy of learning. This joy can then be brought back to the classroom and integrated into educational contexts at all grade levels and in all subject areas. Remembering why we were drawn to education in the first place and reinforcing our core values can provide the foundation for resilience that can last through the next several school years. As a recent participant said, “I was worried that I would not have the energy for these sessions given the difficulties in my life. Instead, I found myself fulfilled, refreshed, and energized each and every time.”

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