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The Cristina and Ed STEAM Show

April 14, 2022



In Episode 8, we get to hang out with Cristina Bustamante and Ed Campos of the KCI STEAM Leadership Program. These two rascals designed the STEAM Leadership Program in the summer of 2021 in response to the growing need for integrated practices, leadership and voice in equity and identity, and FUN in K-12 classrooms. As Ed said, they built the program to “hold space for excellent educators” who are looking to find a pathway and inspiration to make lasting change happen in their schools and districts. Cristina points out, “it’s not enough to just teach kids to code. Instead, we need to think about ‘to what end?’” What’s the bigger reason for STEAM instruction in K-12 classrooms and what role does someone’s personal story and experiences play in that plan? 

CLICK HERE to view our show notes and access our audio transcript!

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